There may be several issues regarding the functioning of the Disposal unit under your sink. The concern of writing this work is investigating the wall switch issue connected with the garbage disposal. For that purpose, you must consider several considerations before investigating further.

Wall Switch For Garbage Disposal Not Working - Problem Solved

Fixing any issue begins with determining the cause. We must follow instructions to check the actual issue and cause behind the same. Assure the reset button hasn't been pressed before continuing.

Turn On The Power

To verify the circuit, Do not turn off the switch. Electricity must flow across it at all times. It would help if you took precautions to avoid the risk of electric shock. Suppose you're not already knowledgeable about the process. In that case, you must not attempt to wire anything without the assistance of an experienced friend or a professional electrician.

Check The Circuit Breaker

Most of the time, the circuit breaker has been tripped. People automatically think the problem is just a broken wall switch. Also, ensure the circuit breaker is on before starting the detailed process below.

Check The Circuit Breaker

Check The Power Cable

Check the power cable for continuity. Determine whether electricity flows via the cable that powers the trash disposal using a voltage tester. Having electricity means that the trash disposal itself is Faulty.

Most likely, its motor burned out, and someone doesn't know what's wrong. You would first replace the trash disposal, but getting a plumber for advice would be a good second step if it doesn't work. Plumbing professionals have greater expertise with disposals than electricians do.

It's hard to know whether to contact a plumber or an electrician. Proceed to the subsequent stage if the power cable has no current. We haven't ruled out the possibility that the wall outlet is to blame for this malfunctioning power cable.

Check The Power Cable

Outlet Plug Test

Remove the plug and see whether the outlet is live. A multimeter is used for this purpose. Double-checking the multimeter's measurement ensures the outlet is receiving full power.

The cord's at fault if there's a current in the outlet. An issue with the power cable prevents electricity from flowing through it. Proceed to the following step if you cannot find any sign of electricity coming from the outlet. A broken wall switch might be to blame.

Outlet Plug Test

Wall Switch Malfunction

Possible causes of a lack of electricity at the trash disposal's plug include a faulty wall switch. Unscrewing it from the wall will allow you to see whether it is broken. Make sure there is electricity going into the terminals of the wall switch by using the test probes on a multimeter.

The wall switch is connected to the electrical socket where it gets its current. If you see any burning sign on the wall switch, you must replace it urgently. If the switch still doesn't turn on, it could be because a wire is loose. If you tighten any loose wires, the switch will turn on.

Wall Switch Malfunction

The issue may also lie with the electrical socket situated under the sink. There's also a chance that the outlet's contact is broken. You have to examine it or call professional care.

Why The Garbage Disposal Won't Turn On ? - Some Other Issues

Keep your hands away from the trash disposal at all costs ( i.e, grinding chamber). Get creative and use a spoon or anything else to free the trapped object. Surprisingly, your trash disposal has some degree of intelligence. If the disposal becomes blocked, the motor overheats, or there is a problem with the disposal itself, the power is cut off automatically.

A simple solution you may not have known about is the red restart button on the underside of your disposal.

Turn off the garbage disposal first. Under the garbage disposal, you'll see a red button. Pressing it back and running the disposal again should do the trick. In certain cases, this is the deciding factor.

Double-check the electricity panel and determine whether the breaker has to be re-established. Repeatedly having to restart the breaker or the reset button on the trash disposal might be signs of a jam.

Garbage Disposal Switch Wiring. Installation And Other Tips
Garbage disposal, often known as a food disposer, can be plugged into an ordinary household outlet or a special connection. They can be hardwired into a specific circuit or connected through an appliance cable to an outlet within the sink base cabinet.

What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Disposal ? - Needs Replacement

  1. The trash disposal is making an odd or eerie sound.
  2. It emits a foul odor that is not going away.
  3. If you try to use your trash disposal, nothing happens.
  4. Your trash disposal is dripping water.
  5. You keep hitting the unit's reset button.

What If I Couldn't Find The Issue?

If the electricity is on at all three locations we investigated, we have a problem. Perhaps the trash disposal is at fault. However, we should check it using a different power outlet before replacing it.

Suppose you have tried the above solutions and still can't get your trash disposal fixed. In that case, you should probably contact an electrician. If there is no issue with the trash disposal but rather the wiring, the best course of action is to seek the assistance of an electrician.

Is There Any Solution If Trash Disposal Is Hard-Wired?

The procedure stays the same even if your garbage disposal is connected to an electrical outlet through a hard wire. Since there isn't a power outlet beneath the sink, there is one little change.

A Dedicated Circuit With Your Disposal - Why Is It So?

It would help if you took every precaution to ensure that trash disposal is installed securely. Doing things quickly or incorrectly might be risky. Careful installation of trash disposals is required for them to pass electrical tests. Having a separate circuit for disposal is recommended.

A dedicated 15 amp circuit is required for the unit to dispose of waste properly. It is debatable whether garbage disposal may be put on the same circuit as a dishwashing machine.

In most cases, you should use a dedicated circuit. However, there may be cases when it makes sense to share the circuit with other appliances, like a dishwasher. The user handbook for disposal is the most reliable source for this differentiation.


As mentioned earlier, garbage disposal works are based on electrical outputs. There is every chance that it may get affected by poor electric connection.

So if the wall switch is not working attached to the disposal, you should examine some other things before making any decision. The article has already explained some major factors that can cause the issue.

After reading the article, we hope you will not find any more difficulty in this regard.

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