Hello and welcome,

I’m Randall Edwards and I’m an environmentalist. It hurts me to my very core when I see litter in the streets and in parks. Litter is literally everywhere! I live in New York and for those of you who have only heard of its glory and never visited the place in person, garbage disposal is a major issue here. 

Of course, in a city so big with millions of people coming in from all over the world, either to visit or to settle, pollution and littering aren’t surprising. I have lived here throughout my life but the problem still bothers me. I for one, ensure that the environment does not get any dirtier from my end or my family’s. 

Since an early age, I have been an advocate of a cleaner, healthier environment. I had realized from the very beginning that a cleaner surrounding is only possible with the improvement in the garbage disposal system. 

During school and university years, I was a part of multiple environmental groups and communities. The purpose of joining each one was the same: I wanted to play a role, even if it was simple, in the restoration of the natural environment that Man has been destroying ever since its existence.

Change doesn’t always have to be on a large scale, one can begin the improvement at home. It may even inspire others to follow your example and contribute to a cleaner environment. This is exactly why you’ll find all the newest and most innovative garbage disposal products at my home. 

It may not be a conventional hobby to research garbage disposal products but I’m proud of it. I believe that it makes a difference even if one family disposes of their garbage properly. However, it’s also true that I don’t want to be the only one advocating for cleaner surroundings. 

I have always wished that others would join in the venture so the landfills that are piling up all around us can grow smaller and smaller. That’s exactly why I felt the need to launch this website. 

However, I must admit, that it wouldn’t have been possible to create a website so diverse and useful such as this one all on my own. I have a team of three other members helping me all through the making and launch. Garbage Fix is all about garbage disposal problems and its most effective solutions. 

My team has helped me research and try out new and most advanced garbage disposal equipment. Each of the three team members has provided me with their honest feedback on each product that I chose to try out. In light of their feedback and my own observations, I was able to produce authentic reviews. 

Anyone who wishes to have a positive impact on the environment rather than negative will find the website highly useful. Whether you wish to find a garbage disposal solution for your house or on a larger scale, you’ll find it here. 

I hope you enjoy the website and it proves helpful in your venture to “Go Green”.

If you find that we have missed out on something, feel free to contact us here. We are always looking for feedback, both positive and negative as it helps us grow.    

Randall Edwards – Owner