Replacing garbage disposal is a simple task that anyone can do. However, when it comes to the cost of replacing a garbage disposal, it can be quite expensive. As such, this article will examine how much money is spent on replacing garbage disposal and its other connected costs.
It is important to note that the amount of money spent on replacing garbage disposal depends on various factors. These include:

  • The type of garbage disposal unit that needs to be replaced;
  • The brand of garbage disposal unit that needs to be replaced;
  • The material used to make the garbage disposal unit;
  • The location where you are from;
  • Your experience level with DIY projects; and
  • Your budget for replacement materials.
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How Long Does A New Garbage Disposal Last?

A newer model of a garbage disposal will last about 8-15 years. The average life expectancy for in-sink garbage disposal is 10 years. This is only sometimes the case with all models, however. Some models are built more durably than others because they have more heavy-duty components and motors.
Garbage disposals can be repaired at home, but if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, it is best to contact a plumber in your area. They can come out and repair or replace your old unit for you.
If you think your garbage disposal needs to be replaced, read on to find out how much a replacement will cost. Although garbage disposal machines can last up to 10 years easily, it's better to troubleshoot rather than replace the entire machine.

The cost of repairs

If you’re looking to fix your garbage disposal, expect to pay around $100 to $400 for parts and labor. You may also need to pay extra for additional plumbing work if something else is causing the problem with your garbage disposal.

The cost of replacement

If you want to replace your entire garbage disposal unit, expect to spend anywhere from $400 to $900, depending on the model you buy. The price depends on factors like the material used in construction (stainless steel or plastic), the horsepower, and whether or not the unit includes all necessary parts, such as an impeller or motor insulation system.

The Estimated  Price Of New Garbage Disposal

If you're handy, you can replace the trash disposal for $100-$900.

You can save yourself $90 to $250 in labor charges if you replace the disposal on your own.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals can be installed by a professional, or you can do it yourself. The cost of hiring a professional to install your garbage disposal depends on the type of disposal and its location in your kitchen.

Professional installation costs $75 to $125, but you may have to pay more if you need a new drain pipe. If you replace an old unit, the price will be less because labor accounts for about half the total cost. If you need to hire someone to help install your new disposal, expect to pay between $50 and $75 per hour for labor. Most plumbers charge $75 per hour for labor, but some may charge more or less depending on where they live and their experience level.

You can save money by doing some of the work yourself, such as installing the new unit itself or attaching it to the mounting bracket under the sink; however, these tasks require special tools and skills that are difficult for most homeowners to master without prior experience working with plumbing fixtures.

Garbage Disposal Repair Cost Factors

Garbage disposals are a great convenience but can also be very expensive to repair. The average cost to replace garbage disposal is $159, but that's just the average price. You can expect to pay between $125 to $400 for a typical garbage disposal replacement because the price of a garbage disposal replacement depends on the cost of labor and parts. The true cost of a new garbage disposal will depend on several factors:

 Disposal Installation


If the disposal is broken because something was put down the drain or you turned on the water while running, you may have to pay more than someone whose unit died quickly with unknown causes. The same can be said for damage caused by an animal chewing through the cord and wiring. A professional plumber will charge more if they have to replace these parts and install a new unit. If your unit has suffered from repeated use without maintenance or regular cleaning, you might also be charged extra for this.

Age of home

Older homes tend to have older plumbing systems with less space for newer units. These types of homes are also more likely to have issues with drain lines that need replacing before installing a new unit. This can increase your costs significantly over what a newer home would cost for similar repair work.


Where you live also affects replacement costs, as some areas may have stricter codes than others regarding waste disposal. Suppose you live in an area with less space for disposers than elsewhere. In that case, you could end up paying more for installation than someone living elsewhere who has more options when choosing a new kitchen or bathroom sink unit.
Garbage Disposal Repair Cost Factors

Plumber's rates

The average cost for a plumber to repair a garbage disposal is about $100 to $250 (excesively depends upon your local rates). The exact cost will vary depending on where you live, how much time the plumber spends working on the disposal, and whether they must purchase any parts.

The brand and model of your garbage disposal

There are two main types of garbage disposals: continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed disposers are more expensive but are easier to install and maintain. Batch feed disposers are less expensive but require more frequent maintenance. If your old unit is a batch feed model, replacing it with a continuous feed model is worthwhile.
If you have an older unit, it could need replacing sooner than expected. However, newer units are more energy efficient and less prone to clogs and jams.
The type of material used in making your unit. There are two types of disposals: septic-safe and nonseptic-safe (garbage). The latter is typically made out of cast iron or steel. In contrast, the former is made out of plastic or rubber material, allowing it to be used in septic tanks without causing any harm to its environment or users' health inside and outside the home.

The extent of damage to the unit

If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced because of extensive damage from corrosion or jammed blades, expect to pay more than if only certain parts need fixing, such as the motor or switch assembly.

The size of the drainpipe

The cost will be higher if you have a large drainpipe and need to replace the whole thing.

The sink the disposal is under (e.g., stainless steel, cast iron)

Disposals can be installed under any sink type, but if yours is made of an especially hard material such as granite or marble, it may not be easy to install a new one.

The type of plumbing materials used in the house (e.g., PVC pipe)

PVC pipes are relatively easy to work with and less expensive than copper pipes.

Is It Possible To Replace Or Fix Garbage Disposal At Home?

The most common problem is a leaky seal in the bottom of the disposal, where it meets up with the sink drainpipe. If this is your problem, you can fix it yourself by purchasing and installing a new rubber gasket. It's easy, but there are many different kinds of garbage disposals, so make sure you buy one that fits your specific model.

Another possible cause for leaks is clogs caused by food particles or grease buildup in the drainpipes inside or outside your home. These can be fixed using chemical cleaners or manual tools such as plumbers' snakes (augers) or hand drills.

Garbage Disposal Switch Wiring. Installation And Other Tips
Garbage disposal, often known as a food disposer, can be plugged into an ordinary household outlet or a special connection. They can be hardwired into a specific circuit or connected through an appliance cable to an outlet within the sink base cabinet.

Common Reasons Your Garbage Disposal is Not Working And Estimated Cost on Repair

Leak: $150-$700

A leaky garbage disposal can lead to water damage and mold growth in your home's walls, floors, and ceiling. If your disposal is leaking, you must call a professional plumber immediately. They will replace worn-out parts and install a new drain trap so no more water can get into the plumbing pipes. You should expect to pay between $150 and $700 for this repair.

Intermittent Operation: $100-$300

If your garbage disposal works intermittently or only runs when the water is turned on full blast, it may need minor repairs or cleaning. You'll probably fix this problem with some know-how and tools from your local hardware store. Or, if you don't have time to do it yourself, then call in a professional plumber who can get the job done for you for about $100-$300, depending on where you live and how quickly they need to move on to their next job after yours is completed (sooner=more expensive).

Bad Odor: $100-$400

If your garbage disposal smells like rotten eggs or sewage, there's probably something stuck in it that needs to be removed. Remove food particles and debris from the blades and drain holes before you call an expert to remove the bad Odor.

Clog: $150-$200

A clogged kitchen sink can be caused by many things, including food particles, grease or oil, and even hair products. The price depends on how bad the clog is and its location in your pipes. You can purchase tools that help remove clogs or hire someone with experience doing this work.

Jam: $0-$100

If your garbage disposal jams, there are several reasons why it could happen, including objects getting caught in the blades or too much food being put into the unit at once (more than what will fit). This problem can be easily fixed without replacing parts by simply removing the unit and cleaning out any debris that may be stuck inside.

Won’t turn on/off: $0-$100

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on or off, it could mean something simple like needing new batteries for an electric motor or more complex like a burnt-out thermal fuse. First, ensure you have the correct voltage going into the disposal (120 volts). Next, check if power is coming from the wall by plugging something else (like a lamp) into the same outlet and seeing if it works. If so, use a voltage meter to check that it gets 120 volts. If still no luck, there is either an issue with the circuit board (which would be expensive), or something is wrong with the switch on the disposer itself (sometimes they get stuck). You can try using a screwdriver to jiggle it loose but realize that you may break off your drain pipe (or even worse!).

Doesn’t drain: $100-$200

If your garbage disposal doesn’t drain, there could be a clog in your drain line or a problem with the float switch that causes it to shut off when the water reaches a certain level in the sink (usually around 1″ water). You will probably need to hire a plumber to investigate this further and see if they can clear any clogs.

DIY vs. Hiring a Plumber to Fix My Garbage Disposal

Because of cost considerations, you may be considering repairing your garbage disposal rather than hiring a professional plumber. The average cost of hiring a plumber to fix your garbage disposal ranges from $100-$400, depending on where you live and the nature of the work involved.
Professional plumbers have experience installing and repairing all garbage disposals and know how to handle any issues that may arise during installation or repair work (such as clogs or leaks). A professional will also know how to fix any problems with existing plumbing systems to prevent future problems with your garbage disposal or other plumbing components in your home.

If you're considering replacing your garbage disposal, here are some tips on how much it costs and how to replace it.


At last we will take a look at when is the time for you to replace your garbage disposal. If you have any of the following concerns, you must replace your disposal.

  • Leaking
  • Waste is being processed at a slower than usual rate, with frequent obstructions and problems.
  • A very loud noise

Fixing or repairing a garbage disposal is quite inexpensive when compared to other usual house costs. In this article, we have entertained you with different costs in different scenarios while replacing a garbage disposal. We hope you found it useful. Thanks for your consideration while reading us!!

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