Lawnmowers are one of the amazing gardening tools that have made the life of many gardening lovers easier. This equipment is used to chop, trim and maintain the grass in your gardening area.

If you have gotten bored with your current lawn mower and want to replace it with a new one, you should know what to do with the old one. This article will guide you on how to dispose of lawnmowers properly. Let's get started.

Types Of Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are available in different types


It's considered to be the push mower because the users have to move it according to their needs.


It requires a battery or a cord to work properly. These lawnmowers work more efficiently. But you have to use them carefully.


These lawnmowers have a tank that needs to be filled with gas. The gas lawn mower is considered to be a pull-start tool.


These are the most famous yet expensive lawnmowers. They have cylindrical blades that trim the grass very evenly and beautifully. These lawnmowers are mostly used in golf clubs and hotels.


Methods To Dispose Of A Lawn Mower

Some efficient methods to get rid of a lawn mower safely are


Lawnmowers can be recycled by following a few steps.

Drain Down The Fluids

There's an oil drain plug below the engine. Drain down the fluid in a plastic bag or other safe containers. It's not safe to drain out the fluids directly on the ground.

Get Rid Of The Fluids

These fluids are considered to be very dangerous for the environment. So to dispose of them, you should reach out to the nearest hazardous materials recycling center and give this to them. You can research about these organizations on the internet.

How To Get Rid Of Mulch? - Gardening Tips And Secrets
Mulching is a common gardening practice that helps homeowners reduce weeds and retain moisture in their land. While mulch is great for lawns, you will eventually have to remove it.

Removing Non-Metal Pieces

Take a screwdriver and start disassembling the lawn mower. Remove all the plastic, rubber, and other nonmetal materials from it. If you don't want to do that alone, you can get help from your friend or a professional.

Recycling Center

Take your disassembled lawn mower to your nearest recycling center. They'll take your item and charge you a small fee. This will save you time and effort. If you don't know how to deal with different types of lawnmowers, you can ask the recycling center staff about it. They'll tell you what's the most suitable way for you to dispose of your old lawn mower.


There's always an option for donation. It's a great way to get rid of your working lawn mower. There can be many people who need it but can't afford it. So you can help them out and donate it to them. Schools, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, or orphanages can be the perfect places for you to donate.


If you have your eyes on the next lawnmower model and want the money. Then you can sell your old lawn mower to someone interested in buying it. After researching, you can put the ad on your social media accounts and set the price. It's good to take it back to the store you bought it from and do a take-back thing. If the store owner agrees, you can sell it to him, and he'll give you a discount on the new model.


Ask around your social circle, friends, neighborhood, or other relatives whether they need a lawn mower or not. You can give it to someone who needs it. It's better than throwing it away. You can also put it on your curbside and label it as free. Interested people will get in touch with you and pick it up.


Many junk hauler companies offer services of picking up bulk trash/junk from your doorstep. They'll charge you a small fee for that, but it's worth it. They'll do the job for you.


Scrap yards are the centers that take metal objects from you and pay you accordingly for that. You can take the metal material of your lawn mower to a scrap yard after disassembling it and sell it to the scrap dealer. There are different methods of scraping for different types of lawnmowers. You have to deal with them accordingly.


Things you shouldn't do while disposing of your lawn mower

There are several things you have to keep in mind while disposing of the old lawn mower. Some things you should do for safe disposal have been discussed above, but the things you shouldn't do are

Lying To The Buyer

You should never lie about the item you're selling. If your lawn mower is faulty, then mention the problem in your ad. There's also an option for repairing. If there's a minor defect in your lawn mower, then get it fixed or repaired and let the buyer know everything about that.

Don't Donate Useless Things

It's unethical to donate your faulty items to people in need. If you don't think your lawn mower is working properly, don't donate it. Recycling is a great option for such a useless item.


Every area has its policies, and you have to follow them. Illegally dumping your waste materials is not the right thing to do. You can get punished for that.

Throwing With Fluids Inside

Always make sure to drain out the fluids before tossing them in the trash or garbage bins. Don't ever throw the electric ones in the bin; take them to a recycling center instead. It's dangerous for you, as well as for the environment. So don't take that risk.

Final Words

The disposal method of your old lawn mower depends upon the type, size, and functionality. To dispose of the lawn mowers can be exhausting, time taking, and complicated, so it's better to take them to a recycling center or safe waste disposal centers. An advanced lawn mower can add to your garden's beauty to a great extent. It's a great addition to your gardening tools, but get rid of the old ones first. We hope this information was helpful to you.

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