Safety organizations do not recommend throwing the lighter directly in the trash bin. There are several other ways to dispose of your old lighters. Don't judge the lighters by their size; they don't run out that quickly.

This small item can cause a lot of harm to you and the environment if thrown directly in the garbage bag or trash bin. So be responsible, act wisely, and use a safe method to dispose of your lighters. This article will tell you all the safe ways to do that. So if you want to know how to dispose of lighters without harming the environment, then you're at the right spot. Keep reading.

Methods To Dispose Of Lighters

Lighters can be disposed of easily. Here are some methods to do that

Local Retail Store

Many retail stores provide this facility for people who want to get rid of their things. People leave their items in the box or room without any invoices or names mentioned. This facility is mostly provided to collect donations. The retail store owners recycle, use or sell the items accordingly. This is a very safe method to get rid of your lighter.

Dump It In The Yard

If you have an old lighter that is not good to use anymore and don't know what to do with it, then just bury it in your yard. Make sure you don't dump it in a place where children play, or your pets stay. Some people prefer to put the lighter in a plastic bottle before dumping it in the open.

Take Back Program

Some stores offer a take-back program for dangerous products like batteries or lighters because throwing these products directly in the bin will harm the environment and cause many accidents. So they offer a take-back program for people to return the items to be recycled.

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Recycling Centers

Not many recycling centers take lighters, but some do. So before going directly to the recycling center, you should call them or research what they accept and what they don't through their website.


Use a hammer or an axe to chop up your old lighter. But ensure the fire is extinguished properly and there's no fuel inside. After destroying the lighter and its internal components, you can throw them in the trash bin.

Hazardous Waste Centers/Events

Many communities arrange an event for collecting such hazardous items so that people don't throw them in the bins directly. There are also some waste centers that are made to collect these items for recycling. You can research about them on the internet.


It's possible that your friends or relatives have a collection of old lighters. You can add to their collection by giving them your old lighter. That way, you will get rid of yours and prove helpful to your friends/relatives.

It is also possible that they are collecting lighters-like stuff to dispose of them altogether. So that'll be a great option too.


You can toss your old lighter into your fireplace. This will burn down the lighter and won't be dangerous for you or anybody around you.


Finish Its Fuel

When there's no fuel in the lighter, it will become harmless. Make sure to empty it properly. Keep the lighter on until the fuel dries. Once the lighter is out of fuel, you can dispose of it easily. You can dump it, crush it or throw it.

Using Sawdust

Sawdust can be used to suck up the remaining fuel of your old lighter. To do that, follow some steps.
  • Take a Ziploc bag
  • Put the lighter in it
  • Seal it
  • Put the bag into another bag containing sawdust in it
  • Keep it like that for 2-3 days
  • The sawdust will absorb the remaining fuel of the lighter
  • Your lighter is ready to be thrown


If you want your lighter to be free of all flammable materials, you should soak it in the water for a few hours (3-4, preferably). Take it out and dry it with a towel. Throw off the lighter, then.


You can use it in your barbecue grill, so the fuel inside is wiped off completely.

Paint Thinner

You can use the paint thinner to dry the fuel inside it. Soak your old lighter in paint thinner for some time, and then clean it with a towel or a wipe.

Creating A Hole

You can drill a hole in the lighter. This will make the leftover fuel come out, if any.

Sand Bucket

It's also a great option if you want to get rid of your lighter safely. Just place it in the sand bucket for almost a week. All the remaining fuel will be emptied and absorbed by the sand.

Flint Removal

Flint is the main reason that causes the lighter to spark. By removing it, you're making the lighter stop working. It's not so hard to find and remove the lighter flint.


  • Take a glass jar
  • Put the lighter in it
  • Add some water
  • Add a few drops of ammonia
  • Put the jar in a freezer-friendly bag and seal it
  • Leave it for a day
  • Ammonia will absorb the remaining fuel of the lighter had any
  • You can throw the lighter now

Blow Drying

You can use a blow dryer by putting it at least one inch away from the lighter. The fluid will be dried, and you can throw the lighter away then.

Boiling Water

Just put the lighter in a container full of boiling water. Let it be for 4-5 minutes. The fuel will be dried and wiped off by the boiling water, and the lighter can be thrown away now.

Dry Cleaning Agent/Fluid

  • Make a mixture of the dry cleaning fluid
  • Put the mixture inside your old lighter
  • Let it stay inside for a few minutes
  • Shake the lighter and take out any extra fuel it has
  • Throw away the lighter in the trash bin

Oil Solution

Pour some drops of simple oil solution into your old lighter. It will dry the fuel inside the lighter. Take a towel to clean and dry the lighter properly. Throw it away in a trash bin, then.

Dry Cleaning Agent

Dry In Sunlight

That's a very smart way to dry the remaining fluid inside the lighter. Just put your lighter under the sunlight for 3-4 days. Any remaining fuel will be dried completely, and you can throw it.

Adding Water

You can add water to the lighter to clean it thoroughly. Shake it well and take out the remaining fluid. Dry it with a towel and throw it in the trash bin.

Throw It In The Garbage Bag

It depends on the area you live in. Some areas allow it, and some don't. So ask your state's authorities about that. If it's allowed, then make sure to empty the fluid of your old lighter and then throw it in the garbage bag.


Never leave your lighter in a hot car or near flammable materials; it's dangerous. Never use a leaking lighter; you might end up burning your hand. Some lighters come up with refills, so you don't have to throw them.

We hope the information helped you figure out the best way to dispose of your lighter. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

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