The mounting ring sits below the drain and is held in place by two screws. When the screws are removed, the mounting ring can be lifted out of place, allowing you to re-install it properly.

A Stuck Mounting Ring - Some Common Reasons

An unmovable attaching ring on the trash disposal is stuck due to several issues. Some of the explanations are listed below:


The trash disposal may still work if you see rust outside, especially under the sinks. Water will sometimes leak out of the front of the garbage disposal. Because water could get caught around the attaching ring, rust could build up in this situation. That could make it hard for the metal pieces to slide over each other.


When attempting to detach the mounting ring, people often find that they cannot do so. Because of how the attachment ring is constructed, dismantling it is a more involved process.

Every trash disposal model has a unique component design. Therefore it stands to reason that the attachment rings would be unique for each manufacturer.

Improper Installation

Frequently, the attachment ring of the trash disposal might become stuck if installed improperly. When replacing the trash disposal, check that it is fixed properly before using it for the first time.

Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck - How To Fix

To get rid of the garbage disposal or fix a leak, you'll need to take off its mounting ring. In such cases, they can get jammed, and you might feel annoyed. That's not uncommon for the ring of the garbage disposal to become stuck, but if this happens to you, there is a solution.

 Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck

Use A Screwdriver

  1. The inability to release the snapped ring might contribute to the mounting ring's immobility. A narrow, straight screwdriver will work well here. You may slide the screwdriver beneath the snapping ring, which has a split for that purpose. To remove the snapped ring, rotate a screwdriver in a clockwise direction over it.
  • Similarly, a screwdriver frees a mounting ring that has been rusted or otherwise trapped. You may pull it away with the screwdriver after the screws holding it in position have been removed. You can remove the metal using vinegar, baking powder, and hot water. Even though this might not eliminate all the rust, it will eliminate a lot. The attachment ring is now less difficult to dismantle after cleaning rust. You may utilize the screwdriver to pull it away from the device.

Tip: You'll need to remove the ring to get the trash disposal out of its mount. As you may expect, it is annoying when it gets stuck. Don't stress out too much when using a screwdriver.

A Flange For A Garbage Disposal System - What Is It?

Flanges are collars that attach and join the trash disposal to the pipe leading from the sink's drainage. It generally uses three screws to secure itself to the disposal. A flange is considered a bracket for installing trash disposal. Using the plumber's putty, the steel flange is secured inside the drain pipe.

Additionally, a little incline allows water to flow freely through the drain. Although many types of flanges are used with garbage disposal, there are a few exceptions. Be sure it will fit when shopping for a replacement flange for your trash disposal.

A Flange For A Garbage Disposal System

How To Remove A Garbage Disposal Flange - Simple Guide

Some people are curious about repairing their trash disposal flanges. These are the steps to follow when swapping out a flange.

Turn Off Supply – Water & Electric Both

First, ensure the disposal is unplugged and the water supply has been cut off. Your garbage disposal is usually attached to your living area electrical system or has a separate switch you will disable at the main breaker panel. You must cut off power at the breaker if it is wired into a circuit.

Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck - Fixing It Right
The garbage disposal flange is the most exciting component of your drainage system. However, it plays a crucial role in preventing water loss to the kitchen sink and maintaining the disposal’s secure connection with it.

Stopping the water flow will prevent water from filling your kitchen. Take the disposal out from underneath after removing any holding screws. When unscrewing the disposal, have a firm grip on the bottom of the appliance. Once you've eliminated each potential hazard, you may go on to the next phase.

Removing Disposal

Removing the Trash disposal is an essential move that you should do with more care. Once you've removed those three screws, you may set the disposal at the base of the cupboard. Begin dismantling the trash disposal flange immediately. Since any additional mass has not burdened the flange, the job is simplified.

Removing Disposal

Use Spray

Use WD-40 to make working with rust easier. If the flange is installed there for a long time, it may be badly rusted. It would be best if you didn't attempt to snoop open its flange since it is rusted shut. Avoid damaging anything by first trying to figure out how to accomplish what you want to achieve differently. It is common to spray penetration lubricant over the rust to soften it. Leave the lubricant for a couple of minutes, then use sliding pliers to rotate the flange.

Remove The Flange

Take a Flathead Screwdriver and Remove the flange's upper ring by prying it with a straight screwdriver. To get beneath it, use quick, little strokes with a screwdriver. Take extreme caution while replacing the flange since you cannot use it again if it is damaged. However, you wouldn't use any old flange on the new disposal. Never use it for anything other than adjusting the flange or fixing the garbage disposal.

Remove The Flange

Discard Any Outdated Plaster

Once the previous disposal flange is removed, it must clean up any leftover plaster. Remove any old plaster still attached to the sink using a flat scraping to ensure a good fit for the new flange. If you are recycling the flange, you should clean it. If you take time, separating the flange from the garbage disposal is simple. Once the flange is removed, the disposal can be repaired, replaced, or its flange tightened.

You must be interested to know about How To Tighten Garbage Disposal Flange, once its losen. You may find a complete guide in our post.


Over time, the flange of your trash disposal may get worn. Instead of repairing it, you have to change it. In addition, you should never attempt to utilize newer disposal using any old flange since doing so may cause leaking and other serious issues.

Please buy a new flange for your disposal whenever you replace it. By doing so, you may avoid problems when this time for servicing or fixing in the future.

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