However, some tiny food pieces may clog the Badger disposal, causing it to stop. Should you call a plumber to restore its functionality?  Wait! Use the following Badger 5 garbage disposal troubleshooting tips before dialing for a plumber.

There would be a choice while purchasing your garbage disposal between Badger 5 and Badger 1. We would prefer you to educate yourself properly before taking decision.

Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting - Resetting Tips

Badger 5 clogging or overload detector tripping is not a kind of irreparable issue, but only if you know how to fix them. A few simple but useful tips will help you to grind your junk food again with your Insinkerator's garbage grinder. To get your issue fixed, follow up!

Note: Please make sure that the sink is empty. If it has water, wait for proper drainage before proceeding.

Step-1. Unplug The Badger

Remember, safety is the foremost thing whenever you start any electrical fixture. The same is here, so start by unplugging your Badger 5 disposal. Ensure that its motor has stopped before you move on.

In some cases, not all, the disposal may be hardwired with the home wiring. What to do now? Don't worry; tripping your home's circuit breaker will work for you.

Step-2. Place Wrench In The Bottom Hole

Step-2. Place Wrench In The Bottom Hole

Now, locate the hole under the Badger sink jacket and insert a small wrench in it. Try turning the wrench in a counterclockwise direction. It will not turn out easily, so keep trying until you succeed.

Push the wrench back and forth to loosen the base of the Badger disposal. When it completes its one counterclockwise rotation, remove the wrench.

Step-3. Examine The Overload Protector

Step-3. Examine The Overload Protector

Soon after you loosen the Badger sink jacket, examine its overload protector button at the bottom. It may trip if you overload your Badger. It will be down up to a quarter inch in a tripped position.

Press the button gently to turn it ON again. In some cases, you may face trouble while doing this. The button will resist pushing, don't panic as it will take some time to turn ON. Wait for almost 10 minutes and push it again; it will easily return to a functional state.

Step-4. Remove The Clogged Food Pieces.

Step-4. Remove The Clogged Food Pieces

Are you thinking turning the overload detector button ON is enough? You are wrong, then. Diagnosing the overloading reason and fixing it is compulsory. So, examine the grinding chamber of your disposal.

Use a flashlight, as the chamber may be invisible to you due to darkness. Definitely, some junk food pieces will be there; remove them. Remember not to use your hand for this removal, as the grinder may harm you. Use any tongs instead to unclog the grinder.

Step-5. Turn The Badger Disposal On

After successfully diagnosing and fixing the reasons for overload detector tripping, your disposal should work fine. Turn the breaker on and check the disposal.

Sometimes, the clogging may be severe. So, the garbage disposal may need unclogging repeatedly. Repeat the same process if you face the same trouble again.

This Badger 5 garbage disposal reset process will help you every time you meet a jam issue in your disposal.

How To Prevent Badger Garbage Disposal Clogs?

How To Prevent Badger Garbage Disposal Clogs

Though Badger 5 garbage disposal reset resolves the clogging issue, you should take care of your unique disposal for durable usage. You can keep it functional for a prolonged time by following these tips.

1- Run Cold Water Moderately

It is true that using cold water is necessary while grinding junk food in Badger 5 garbage disposal, but with a moderate flow. So, ensure the use of proper water when using this grinder for disposing of food leftovers.  

2- Run Water Thoroughly After Grinding

Never leave the grinder unclean after grinding your food garbage in it. After a few seconds of disposal completion, a thorough water flow will help eliminate the clogging issues. Follow this tip for proper usage of the Badger 5 junk food grinder.

3- Use Hot Water Periodically

Never use the hot water continuously during grinding. However, using it periodically will be an effective way to dispose of the food particles well.

4- Avoid Using Disposal For Hard And Greasy Food

Mostly, the jams in the sink or drain of the garbage disposal are due to greasy or hard foods. Such leftovers start making a hard-to-clean layer on the sink and the grinder of the Badger 5 disposal.

This greasy layer starts decreasing the functionality of the garbage disposal. After a certain time, it will result in a full jam or clog. So, avoid using the grinder for the following food leftovers:

  • Fatty foods like bacon fat
  • Larger hard food particles like bones

5- Avoid Draining Large Food Particles

It is okay to use the Badger disposal for junk food particles but only for moderate or smaller ones. When you dump larger and hard pieces for disposal, these will lead to special damage or clogging. So, try to use your machine just for moderate food leftovers.  

6- Consider Occasional Deep Cleaning

Besides routine cleaning, thorough deep cleaning of your grinder will prevent the "Badger garbage disposal not working" type of issues. So, manage deep cleaning of your food disposal machine after regular intervals.  

Follow these steps for effective, thorough cleaning of the garbage disposal.

  • Fill the sink of the disposing machine with ice
  • Pour a half cup of salt into it
  • Let the ice and salt mixture sit in the sink for 20 to 25 minutes
  • Grind the ice
  • Clean the sink with water, and you have done it!

This method to clean your food disposal machine will clean the greases and oils from the shredder rings. This practice will help avoid the clogging issue for a prolonged period.

Badger 5 Vs Badger 500 Vs Badger 5xp: Which is Better?
The InSinkErator’s Badger trash disposal series is one of the company’s top value and dependability options. The Badger 5 is a well-known garbage disposal model; other popular models include the Badger 5XP and the Badger 500.


Certain reasons, like overloading or clogging, may lead to poor functionality of the Badger 5 disposal machine. It will stop your food-disposing machine if ignored for a prolonged time. However, troubleshooting the issue is not a big deal, but only when you have a command over the procedure.

The above guide contains a complete badger-5 garbage disposal troubleshooting process. Following these steps, you can easily restore the functionality of your kitchen cleaning partner. Moreover, as mentioned above, you can avoid such issues by properly using your junk food disposing machine.

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