The main distinction between Badger 1 and Badger 5 is their grinding power. Trash disposal with the power of a Badger 1 consumes one-third of a horsepower, whereas a Badger 5 consumes half that amount. Another contrast is that Badger 5's guarantee is longer than Badger 1. Badger 5 is, for example, more expensive than Badger 1.

Badger 1 Vs. Badger 5

What distinguishes Badger 1 from Badger 5? Which of these two garbage disposal methods is better, and why? The two models have a lot of overlap, as one would expect.

The motor in the Badger 1 is less powerful (1/3 HP) than the motor in the Badger 5, which is more powerful (1/2 HP). Both feature the same-looking wall switch and supply continuous power. In layman's terms, the Badger 5 is intended to handle the trash that is rougher than the Badger 1.

Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting - Quick Fixtures
Garbage disposals have made the kitchens far cleaner by instantly disposing of unwanted junk food. Getting rid of the kitchen debris is just a flip of the switch away from you with Badger 5 garbage disposal.

Disposal options: a comparison of Badger 5 with Badger 1.

The motors of Badger 5 trash disposals are significantly stronger than those in Badger 1 versions. The engine in Badger 1 is just 1/3 horsepower, whereas the engine in Badger 5 is 1/2 horsepower.

This provides the second one a roughly 50% power edge over the first. Guarantees, on the other hand, vary greatly. The warranties on Badger 1 and Badger 5 differ by one year, with the latter having a three-year coverage duration. While both contain a 26-ounce chamber, the Badger 5 is much larger in overall size due to its larger motor. As a result, it's a little heavier.

When compared to Badger 1, Badger 5 performs better.

As previously stated, the fundamental distinction between Badger 1 and Badger 5 is grind strength. In comparison, the engine powering Badger 1 is only 1/3 HP, while the engine powering Badger 5 is 1/2 HP. As a result, Badger 5 is 1.5 times more effective than Badger 1.

However, neither of these two garbage disposals is strong enough to break down tough food wastes. While Badger 5 has greater raw strength, it falls short of Badger 1 in terms of the range of food scraps it can assimilate. It's a 3/4 HP engine, and the Badger 5XP can easily process hard foods like peach pits.

The Badger 5 cannot ground tough vegetables or fibrous materials like celery. However, if you just live with two or three other people, the Badger 5 is the best choice due to its capacity to rapidly and efficiently grind food waste. Badger 1 is great for singles or couples who don't frequently cook, such as students. Although both Badger 1 and Badger 5 employ the same motor manufacturer and model—the DuraDrive induction motor, they have their distinct motor power.

Each motor rotates at a consistent speed of 1725 revolutions per minute. Badger 5 requires a larger power supply than Badger 1 due to its higher output. The Badger 5 has a 6.3 amp rating, but the Badger 1 has a 5.6 amp rating that is considered standard. Both may be charged using a regular 120-volt outlet. Because they are continuous feed kinds, both models can continuously have food scraps added to them while operating.

Dimensions and shape.

These trash disposals are more subtle than the Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel models. They resemble normal garbage disposals in appearance. That is all that a hidden appliance requires 99 times out of 100. Each item is entirely black and has a tough, commercial appearance. When you compare Badger 1 to Badger 5, you'll notice that their weights are very close: 12.7 and 13.6, respectively. They are pretty near to one another based on the measurements.


All Insinkerator waste disposals come with a standard stainless steel fast lock sink mount. It makes the setup process for both of these disposals easier. When ready to replace the device, reverse the installation process.

It is straightforward to install, but remember that not everything you need to get it up and running is included. The power cord and dishwasher connection kit are available for purchase separately (if you need them).

The bundle, however, includes everything else you'll need. It consists of the disposal and a sink mount called the Quick Lock Sink, a Jam-Buster wrench (though you shouldn't need it much if you follow the do's and don'ts), a tailpipe, a tailpipe gasket, and a stopper.

Badger 5 comes with a longer warranty period than Badger 1.

As of this writing, the InSinkErator Badger 5 has a 3-year in-home warranty. However, the guarantee for Badger 1 is just for one year. InSinkErator's in-home warranty means that if your disposal breaks, you won't have to pay to repair or replace it.

This guarantee includes both labor and components. You may hand the InSinkErator guarantee to the future owner of the home, which is a bonus. To begin, if you purchased a Badger 5 disposal and then sold your disposal to someone else before the warranty ended, the new owner would be allowed to use the warranty to repair any faults with the disposal. Many alternative brands do not allow such warranty transfers.

Please keep in mind that the limited warranty on the disposal units only applies to domestic installations. If they are put in writing, all guarantees are null and void.


Typical low-cost trash disposals are not noted for their quiet operation. However, the volume should not be higher than what you are used to hearing. The Insinkerator Evolution is a perfect choice if you want a quieter machine. It's less noisy, but it'll cost you a lot more.

Finally, Badger 1 or Badger 5?

The distinctions between Badger 1 and Badger 5 are minor. Badger 5 is more expensive than Badger 1 despite being more powerful and having a longer warranty.

These garbage disposal devices are both well worth the money. If you enjoy cooking regularly, a Badger 5 is an excellent investment. If you are only a casual cook, Badger 1 is a better deal. However, if You can find a Badger 5 for the price of a Badger 1, go for it.

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