Fortunately, several practical tricks will work for you to keep the scratch container well in place.

However, it may be hard to make it possible to fix your dustbins well in place if you don't know the proper remedies. Don't panic; keep reading to make it happen.

How To Stop Garbage Cans From Blowing Away? - DIY Solutions

Mostly, people consider placing a concrete block to fix their garbage cans. However, you can consider trying many other simple methods for it. These handy tips will help you if you are confused about how to secure garbage cans from blowing away.

1- Put Weight In The Can Bottom

Anything holding your garbage can in its place will effectively fix the issue. A simple consideration is putting some heavy weight, like bricks or concrete blocks, in the bottom of the dustbin.

It is not so complicated; just put any large stone, brick, or block in the base of the can before you start dumping waste in it. This DIY truck will organize your wastebasket to its place.

2- Trash Bags Remedy

Trash bags remedy

Strong winds will affect heavier garbage can less than lighter one. So, you can consider making the dustbins heavier with trash bags. Using these garbage bags will leave less space in the can; hence it will stick to its place.

Avoid dumping the garbage without trash bags as it will leave space, and the can may fly away. Also, ensure you maintain the pressure whenever you dump trash in the can. When a wastebasket is heavy, it will not move from the place, even in powerful winds.

3- Chain Method

- Chain method

If you are not easy with the above methods to keep your garbage cans held, you may consider the chain method. It is not so difficult to chain them to any strong support.

In case you can't find nearby support, you'll have to invest in a chain and in 2 by four wood to make a fence. Choose an appropriate location and build a wooden fence there—lock one side of the chain to your garbage can and the other to the fence support.

If you find any nearby support stronger than the fence, you may consider using it too. This simple remedy will also work for you to stop the cans from blowing.  

4- Make A Cane Frame

Building a garbage can holder is also a good idea to secure it. This remedy is perfect for you if you reside in an area exposed to heavy storms. If you don't have one home, you'll have to invest in lumber wood to build a can frame.

Measure your garbage can and build a holder accommodating the wastebasket well. Ensure you have supported the frame well with the ground or nearby support.

If you have more than one can, it's easy to make a shared frame for all these. Just keep joining more holders with the existing ones to accommodate all your wastebasket.

Moreover, building a concrete enclosure for this purpose is also an effective idea if you can afford it. Construct a concrete block enclosure that will easily hold your garbage can. Place the cans in it, and it will stop them from blowing away.  

5- D-Ring Garbage Can Fixture

D-ring garbage can fixture

You can secure outdoor garbage cans anywhere within your house using a metal D-ring. Build a ring with stainless steel or any other metal and fix it on your garage wall. However, if you want to fix it anywhere else, move accordingly.

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Once you have fixed the D-rings to the wall, attach the dustbin using a bungee cord or another alternative. It is also a practical method to secure garbage cans.

6- Build A Ground Post

Building a post for your garbage can in the ground is a creative idea to stop its flying issue. If you are easy with it, dig a post in the ground, clean it well, and put the wastebasket in it.

Make sure that half of your can is exposed and the rest is inside the ground post. If possible, consider attaching the trash bin with some ground support.  

7- Invest In A Magnetic Anchor Garbage Can

Invest in a magnetic anchor garbage can

The innovative idea of garbage cans with a magnetic anchor has added to their security. Have you ever heard about this innovation? It is a secure garbage can that doesn't demand post-purchasing security measurements.  

The magnetic anchor comes with a metallic ring. If the anchor alone can't secure the can, you may consider attaching it with some solid support through the ring. But the firmness of the anchor is enough to hold your wastebasket. So, investing in such a modern outdoor garbage can is good for security.  

8- Purchase A Heavier Garbage Can

Plastic garbage cans are lightweight, so they are andto blow in heavy winds. However, investing in a heavier one will help eliminate the blowing away issue.

Different metallic outdoor garbage cans are easily available in the market. If your plastic waste bin is giving you a hard time due to its lightweight, consider purchasing the one featuring steel or any other metal material. You'll get rid of its flying issue this way.


A lightweight outdoor garbage can can't survive in a heavy storm that knocks down the strong power lines. However, you can secure it by using different effective DIY solutions. Depending upon the availability of materials and tools, you can choose any of the above methods to keep your garbage can from flying away.

If you can afford it, upgrading the lightweight plastic can to a heavier stainless steel garbage container is the best thing to prevent such irritations. Anyhow, all the tricks mentioned above will also be effective for you if you are searching for how to stop garbage cans from blowing away. Stay connected to fix the home garbage disposal problems.

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