Imagine having a lush green yard outside your home with beautiful plants, but right beside that, you also have a large trash can that is catching all the attention.

The sight of this garbage cart will destroy the sophisticated look of your exterior. So here we bring you a guide to tell you how to hide garbage cans outside.

Use plants to camouflage

If you already have a lush yard out, take advantage of this greenery, and tuck your garbage can behind or alongside the hedge.

You can also grow some shrubs to act as a fence or use container plants for the purpose.

Hydrangea, also known as quickfire or varieties of bloom struck, are some plants which grow quickly and come in several colors.

They are an easy way to hide garbage cans or any such thing, which makes the exterior look odd.

Dogwood is also quite useful in terms of the purpose as they provide full coverage, and evergreens like arborvitae and pyramidal boxwood provide texture and height to cover these additional items.

Using a partial fence

If you want a shed or do not have proper fencing, you can hide outdoor trash can by using a combination of lattice pieces of fencing, which is arranged at a right angle with your house.

Place some climbing or potted plants like wisteria and shrubs, particularly facing the street for an even better curb attraction.


If your garage or fencing does not let itself hide the trash cans outside, you can also place them behind a ring outside or in a storage shed.

The garage!

Your garage is another good option for the purpose, especially when you are clicking some pictures in which your real estate agent might be used to portray your property as the best.

Put away trash cans in the garage once they are empty, this also gives an added benefit of showing the house as being spacious.

Many buyers think that if things are kept outside, there is a storage issue with the house. So it would help if you were not putting garbage cans outside either.

Work on the layout and fencing of your property

A fenced backyard is described as one of the right places to hide your garbage cans outside, as it is a spot that is quite discreet yet easy for the residents to move their trash out for collection.

Many homes have entries with side gates, where the garage’s or house’s wall tuck in a bit with the wooden fences. It is better to have it behind the wall and against the house side than to have it out at the front.

If people are walking around your house, your primary motive should be to work on how to hide garbage cans and place them somewhere, which does not block the view or a specific feature to your house.

Simple and inexpensive

The least expensive method to hide trash can outside, and one which is also easiest to implement and make, has to be this one.

Make a small platform for your trash can and fence it from the side where it can be seen from. The fence or wall can be made using wood and can be designed very stylishly to give your outdoor a good look.

Now you can add some climbing plants to it or add some potted plants as well, which give it a charming and put together look overall.

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A little time taking and expensive

This one is good for someone who is looking to spend some weekends to work out a hack to hide their trash cans.

It can also help to collect stuff for recycling and even protect the things you don’t want your kids to see again. Kids don’t take out the trash.

Make a cupboard like trash, which has a cabin of the size of your garbage can, and also has some drawers along with it. Here you can store your garden tools, trash bags, or any other thing.

You can even make a mini garden at its top by either growing some climbing plants or placing pots to give it a green and camouflaged look.

Setting cross members and posts

This one should be a reasonably inexpensive hack as it is just a matter of putting in some positions with cross braces between them.

All that is needed after this is to attach some bamboo screens in the braces your place.

This will work the best in areas that are not as windy. Else, if your city is relatively windy, the bamboo screen can blow away to the next country, almost half the summer days and any winter day!

A lattice enclosure

A lattice enclosure is not primarily used for this purpose, but since it looks good, you can think of it to do the job as well.

It can be customized to hide the trash cans and will work particularly well for areas where young delinquents or raccoons are frequent.

Complete enclosure to hide trash cans

Complete enclosure to hide trash cans

You can also build a full coop in your outdoors to hide the trash cans. You can go for a fundamental one as well, which can be made from some old reclaimed barn wood, or even wood from pallets, which gives it a very nice rustic look.

A little more formal idea for the same can be building the enclosure using some stained wood, which is good enough to give your yard a beautiful look.

The top can be made a bit curved as well to make it more interesting than a simple flat top.

We have provided you with several options on how to hide garbage cans outside.

Whatever option you go for, the potential buyers or any visitor will catch an eye on the effort made.

When your home is on the market, especially, you do not want your garbage can to take away the attention from your yard’s best features, so you must make an effort to beautify that trash as well!

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