You can hide these garbage cans away in a pull-out drawer. The drawers in your kitchen sink may malfunction, or you may want to replace the garbage can that currently resides there. It would help if you thus take the appropriate actions to remove it.

How to remove a sliding garbage drawer? Simple procedures for removing a sliding garbage can drawer are outlined in this article.

A Step-wise Guide

Two of the most popular categories of garbage can drawers are discussed here with the instructions to remove them properly.

  1. Metal-Glide Slides Drawer
  2. Screw Stabilizers

Metal-Glide Slides Drawer

The most popular Garbage drawer slide is a metal-glide slide with a lever, so there's a significant probability that your furniture has this gear. Observe these instructions to remove drawers from a metal glide:

Opening the  Drawer

Stand in front of the drawer with one hand on each side and pull it open as far as possible. Avoid getting too near; give the drawer room to open before stopping.

Find the Track Levers

They ought to be at the drawer track's middle. It will be straight or curved, depending on your specific piece of furniture. Straight levers are normal for full-extension drawer slides. In contrast, curved-track disconnect levers are more likely to be found on three-quarter slides, which are more often seen on smaller drawers.

Find the Track Levers

Press Both Levers

Press both levers at the same time using both hands. This procedure is quite easy if the lever is straight: push as hard as possible. It would help if you exerted pressure on the curved portion of a curved lever until it flattens out.

Pull the Drawer Out

Pull the drawer out toward your body while continuing to depress the levers. It ought to be simple to remove from the furniture. After the drawer has been removed, the tracks probably protrude from the front; thus, put them back in a straight, parallel stroke.

Screw Stabilizers

Removing a drawer from your furniture may need an additional step if the stabilizer screws on the drawers are present. However, these garbage drawers and screws are quite simple to remove. The steps are as follows:

Stabilizer screws are often used on drawers that contain heavy things. Thus, removing them from top to bottom is crucial to keep the piece of furniture from becoming top-heavy. It may lead to a piece of furniture that is unsteady and may wobble or topple over.

Grab the Drawer

Stand in front of the piece of furniture with enough room for the drawer to open. Grab the drawer by the handle or with both hands, one on each side. Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the metal rails.

Extend the Drawer

Extend the drawer as far as it will go. Pull all the way out until you feel the drawer stop at its predetermined location.

Look for Stabilizer Screws

Look inside the drawer's body for the stabilizer screws. Two screws are required. Use the appropriate screwdriver to remove them after you've found them.

Look for the Catch Tabs

It must be located on both sides of the drawer. Pulling upward on both catch-tab mechanisms, let go of the catch. You'll probably need to squeeze the catch tab with your thumb and index finger to remove the drawer from both side tracks.

Pull It Out

After the drawer is freed, fully pull it out. Once it's out, pull it straight while lifting it. Be cautious since it might still be rather hefty even if you empty the garbage drawer beforehand.

Reinstall the tracks after completing your work on the furniture. Push the center stabilizer track and both side suspension tracks with a straight, parallel action.

Pull-Out Garbage Cans - Why Are They Important?

A pull-out trash cabinet is one of the most popular features we now offer in kitchen renovations. And with good cause.

The days of the floating garbage can in the kitchen, relocated to make room for a new major appliance or to blend in before visitors arrive, are long gone.

When homeowners seek to renovate their kitchens, the pull-out trash cabinet is a popular choice. Discover the following four major advantages of this smart kitchen design concept.

Aesthetics of the Kitchen

Your home's kitchen has the power to change it completely. When your brand-new kitchen is finished, the last thing you want to see is 13-gallon garbage can protruding against the background of your lovely new room.

While storing your trash can beneath the sink is an option, the space is restricted and will force you to dump the trash more often.

Aesthetics of the Kitchen

A pull-out trash cabinet is an elegant way to incorporate utility into your kitchen without losing style. This useful feature blends in with the rest of your cabinets, giving the impression that it is simply another storage space.

You no longer have to strive to conceal the trash can or worry about an unattractive overflowing rubbish bin out in the open since it is hidden within the cabinet. It brings us to the second reason.

Management of Odor

Garbage can left out in the open may also be a "nose sore" in addition to being an eyesore. We may have invented the phrase, but you get the concept. Food waste may produce offensive scents even in free-standing garbage cans with lids. Pull-out trash can cabinets provide several solutions to the problem.

They may have sections with covers for compost or other materials, such as food waste. Even though you'll need to be careful to empty them often, they provide an excellent barrier against offensive rubbish smells.

For various types of garbage, you may also have different trash cans. In this method, you may separate organic waste from regular trash and empty it as needed.

How To Remove Kitchen Sink Stopper ? - A New Replacement
The sink stopper is used if you are installing a new dishwasher or repairing a leaking one. Removing and replacing a sink strainer is a simple maintenance job done by a do-it-yourselfer with basic equipment in under 60 minutes.

Easy Recycling

The cabinets may be made such that recycling is considerably simpler and has distinct sections for various types of trash. Double the number of bins in a cabinet and placing them in front of the other is a typical design strategy. You may use one for garbage and the other just for recycling.

Simplifier Cleanup

One of the main purposes of a kitchen is food preparation. However, moving leftover food waste from a counter to a trash can might be challenging if a free-standing bin is on the other side of the room.


This article made it simple to remove a sliding garbage drawer. Additionally, the garbage can drawer makes your kitchen's aesthetic appeal excellent.

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