No worries, you can always make a request to get a new one from waste management. The waste management service provides a reliable solution to repair or deliver a new garbage can.

You can simply log in to MY WM to access your account to submit a request for a new garbage can or to get your old one repaired. You can also contact waste management via phone call or email.

Once your delivery for the new garbage can is confirmed, you will get an email about service details and additional tips for successful delivery. You can choose a suitable spot, such as an easily accessible area, to get your order. Read out to learn more.

How To Get A New Garbage Can From Waste Management?

In case your garbage can has gone missing, the first thing you will need to do before delivery of a new one is to report the lost or stolen garbage container. You can do it by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on WM.
  2. Navigate the Dashboard to choose an option for Manage My Services.
  3. Report the issue and submit it.

Once your report is sent, you can simply submit a request for a new container. This is how you can do it:

  • Log in to MY WM account.
  • Navigate to the Manage Contacts page to inform about your suitable location.
  • You will get an immediate response from Waste Management service to confirm your selected location.

For a missing garbage can, residents of Alameda County can call 510-537-550, while commercial customers can call 510-613-8751.

How To Get Your Garbage Can Repaired

If your garbage can is damaged, you can easily request its fixing. Here is the procedure for submitting a request for the garbage can repair if you have an account on WM.

  • Log in to My WM account.
  • Navigate to My Account and click on Manage Accounts to link your account.
  • Navigating through the My WM dashboard, choose the option for Manage My Services.
  • Choose an appropriate service from the Select Service dropdown.
  • Click on What Can I Request to select the issue.
  • Elaborate on the issue of missing or repairing garbage cans.
  • Click on Submit to send your request.

In case you do not have an account on WM, open the Home Page and enter the address where you want the delivery. You will find some quick links if the area falls in the suitable locations.

  • Click on Request Container Repair/Replace.
  • This will take you to the Container/Can issue page.
  • Mention the reason if you are searching for a repair service or want a new one.
  • Explain the issue and Submit your request.

Waste Management Garbage Can Sizes And Prices

Usually, waste management garbage cans are available in 4 different sizes. Each size has a varying price range for service.

  • A 20-gallon garbage can will cost $23.17.
  • A 32-gallon garbage can costs $35.93.
  • A 64-gallon garbage cart costs $62.41.
  • A 96-gallon garbage can will cost $88.91.
Waste Management Garbage Can Sizes And Prices

You can call the Waste Management Service at Alameda County at 510-537-5500.

How To Request A New Garbage Can Republic Services?

Republic Service is leading in the US for recycling and disposing of non-hazardous waste. You can simply request a new garbage can by logging into your account and filling out the form on their website. You will get a prompt response from the representative of customer resources to ask for further details.


How Much Does Waste Management 96-gallon Cost?

For residential services, a 96-gallon garbage can or cart will cost $99.91. However, the monthly charges for a 96-gallon cart for basic weekly commercial services are $90.42.

What Is The Waste Management Garbage Can Weight Limit?

The maximum weight limit is 96 gallons for a garbage can which is equal to 250 lbs. Waste Management recommends avoiding adding extra weight inside the cart by adding rocks, bricks, or concrete. The can will likely get damaged, or there is a risk of waste falling off if the weight limit exceeds it.

Wrapping Up

Submitting a request for your new garbage can to Waste Management is simple. All you need to do is to get access to the WM account by entering login credentials, writing down the issue/problem, and clicking the submit button to send your request.

If you face trouble at any step, you can simply call the Customer Care Service of Waste Management.

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