They essentially serve to contain waste until it can be collected. However, it has more features in addition to these. Below we will learn about how to get a new garbage can from waste management. And other necessary things to keep in mind regarding garbage cans. Here are only a few examples.

how to get a new garbage can from waste management

How To Get A New Garbage Can From Waste Management

If you need a new garbage can, submit a service request online or call the city's waste management company.

The bulk of City-issued containers is warranted for a decade.

If the container fails before the 10-year guarantee expires, a prorated fee will be applied to the replacement.

To report a broken or missing trash or recycling cart or request a replacement, please use the waste management company's form or call or visit them personally.

The city provides each household with one garbage cart (96 gallons) and one recycling cart (96 gallons for single-family homes and 64 gallons for townhouses) for weekly pickup.

Where Can I Find A Good Outside Trash Receptacle?

The goal of this article is to assist homeowners in selecting the suitable size garbage can for their needs.

Trash cans are essential to the functioning of society.

They are useful because they keep rubbish in its proper place, out of sight and mind.

If you are transferring or purchasing your first home, you may have access to outside garbage can storage.

What Kind Of Cans And Garbage Cans Do You Require For Your Outside Areas?

Your garbage collection provider may give garbage cans, but you may need to secure your own.

It's also possible that you're not a homeowner but have been tasked with monitoring a vast outside space where You must strategically place trash cans.

Whatever your situation, we can assist you with organizing, selecting, and arranging your outside garbage cans.

One should not just go out and buy a bunch of trash cans without first doing some serious planning and research.

It would be best if you considered the following questions:

Where will they be stationed exactly?

Whose needs are you seeking to meet: those who need to dispose of waste or those who will be liable for putting the trash into landfills?

How much do you think You'll use?

Choosing a durable garbage can if you use it frequently is one option, but the location and type of use/weathering will significantly impact the right trash can selection.

Do you have any idea how many cans you'll need?

Calculating The Trash Container Needs

The amount of room required to collect rubbish is a consideration. As a general guideline, one can be placed for every 100 square yards (one can be for every football field-sized area).

How Much Trash Can I Require Outside?

Of course, this is garbage output dependent. A 30-gallon can will be enough if you fill three tall kitchen waste bags weekly.

If your rubbish output exceeds this amount, you'll need to switch to a larger trash can, perhaps one with 60 or 90 gallons capacity.

Outdoor trash cans on wheels come in four standard sizes:

20 gallons capacities

35 gallons capacities

60-gallon capacities

90 gallons capacities

how to get a new garbage can from waste management

It would be best to base your decision on the amount of waste you anticipate producing.

However, if you need a stationary can, ensure it can handle the amount of rubbish you anticipate producing.

Take some time to consider and plan for the following:

There are a lot of people strolling about here.

How much rubbish can be expected to be collected daily?

Family Structures

The amount of waste produced is proportional to the size of the average family.

On average, one person produces about five pounds of waste per day.

Families with children generate more waste than those without children.


If yes, how frequently? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 75% of waste is recyclable.

It might reduce outdoor garbage cans in quantity or size, and you could put the money spent on recycling bins to better use.

Recycling pickup from the city and other services may be more expensive, but it is well worth it to benefit the environment.

Are All Garbage Disposals The Same Size? - The Difference
When food debris clogs a sink, it is inconvenient and expensive, which is when the trash disposal is used.


When the appropriate containers are used, they help to improve the cleanliness and sanitation of the surrounding area.

Authorities in some nations have specified specific sites where the containers must be left to collect in an organized and orderly manner.

Any organization that cares about the health and safety of its employees and customers must have good waste management storage.


Keeping your trash locked up may appear suspicious initially, but after witnessing strays digging through a trash can with a torn bag, you'll understand why it's critical.

The majority of waste is supposed to be thrown away, but there may be some items whose aroma may tempt animals who are otherwise on the outs.

These critters thrive on scraps and can quickly shred a plastic bag apart in quest of nourishment.

You may relax knowing that whatever you toss away will be kept out of sight and mind until the local sanitation agency collects it.

However, this is only possible if the garbage is not securely confined.

how to get a new garbage can from waste management

Spending Less

Investing in high-quality industrial trash cans can save firms a lot of money.

People tend to throw away less when there is a limit on how much trash may be held.

As a result, when you go shopping regularly, you will only buy basic needs.

Finding the best container for your needs will help you save money and avoid purchasing extra containers.


Garbage cans are an important component of modern garbage management. As a result, it is no longer harmful to the environment. When it comes to keeping the environment clean, waste can play an important role. To keep rubbish contained until officials can remove it. Having garbage cans outside your house helps to keep things neat and tidy while also removing a potential health and safety issue.

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