In this article we will attend to the most common but major issue of every kitchen: how to make garbage disposal smell better?

How To Make Garbage Disposal Smell Better?

How To Make Garbage Disposal Smell Better
On most versions, you activate the disposal by flipping on a switch above or below the sink. It will take care of the rest if you put leftovers and cold water in it. Things that deal with rubbish eventually begin to stink. The use of trash disposal regularly will undoubtedly result in the collection of odoriferous particles. It usually starts with a slightly sour odor near the sink. If left unattended for too long, the unpleasant odor of trash disposal can permeate the kitchen. If the entire disposal becomes clogged, it is recommended that you seek the aid of a licensed plumber. Grease is a major source of trash disposal problems, such as backups and foul odors.

Others would never consider flushing oil down the toilet. When the oil cools, it may solidify, clogging the garbage disposal or the pipes leading to the disposal. When grease builds up, it can emit an awful odor. Following these measures will ensure that your trash disposal always smells fresh and clean.

Keep water going through it while running, and be aware of what you flush down. In most circumstances, preventing an issue rather than curing it is preferable. If your garbage disposal has developed a stale odor, try one of these time-tested methods to restore its original fragrance.

Make Sure To Clean The Disposal Outside Thoroughly.

Although it may appear simple, cleaning the obvious components is the first step in repairing faulty trash disposal. Please give it a good scrub with a dish scrubber or sponge and great dish soap.

Pay close attention to the rim to avoid food getting stuck in the ridges. Please do not clean the unit's interior. To hand-wash it, you must unplug it and remove it from the sink.

Make Sure To Clean The Disposal Outside Thoroughly

Lemon Juice Might Help To Eliminate Stale Odors.

Citrus fruit peels are good natural deodorizers due to their fragrant oils. Run the water with quarter slices of a medium-sized lemon or orange. Then, after turning on the disposal, put the slices down it. 

Cut some lemons or citrus fruit on hand, pour cold water down the disposal with the fruit pieces, and wait 5-10 seconds. The citrus's acidity will help dissolve the sticky filth while also deodorizing your kitchen.

Lemon Juice Might Help To Eliminate Stale Odors

Salt And Ice

Put one cup of salt and one cup of ice in the garbage can. Then, run the trash disposal for 5-10 seconds under cold running water until the ice is smashed. If desired, use vinegar in the form of ice cubes. Ice can be used as a natural cleaner in some instances. Begin the cold water and garbage disposal.

Put a couple dozen ice cubes in the sink and push them toward the disposal opening with a wooden spoon or spatula. Turn the water back one minute after the last cube has been consumed. Everything in your waste disposal will freeze solid and float away.

Salt And Ice

Utilize All-Natural Therapies.

We couldn't have a housekeeping conversation without discussing our favorite cleaning product: baking soda! To deodorize your trash disposal in an environmentally responsible way, combine 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar.

The response naturally eliminates odor-causing germs and any sort of bacteria. Allow it to bubble for a few minutes before running some water through the garbage disposal. This cleaning method also removes mineral deposits, which may harbor odorous germs.

Make a baking soda solution and test it to see whether it works. You should grind up two cups of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar in the garbage can. A fizzing reaction will occur, ostensibly satisfying our demand for full sterilizing. The mixture may sit for the next hour. After an hour, run cold water through the garbage disposal for at least a minute.

Utilize All-Natural Therapies

Borax is a powerful mineral for cleaning and removing odors. Put a half cup of borax solution in your garbage disposal weekly to keep it smelling lovely.

When used as a mixture, Ice and salt clear the disposal of the muck that has accumulated over time and is the source of the bad odor, the disposal blades are also cleaned thoroughly.

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Many people are unaware that mouthwash was originally designed as an antiseptic remedy for sterilizing surgical tools. If mouthwash in your bathrooms can eliminate the bacteria that cause foul breath, it should be equally effective in the trash compactor. Pour a cup or two of mouthwash through your disposal whenever you feel like your garbage disposal needs to be cleaned.

Take Out All Of The Waste From The Machine.

We all know repeatedly pouring water into a garbage disposal while running will not work. You must flush the garbage disposal with water, so fill the sink halfway. Put some vinegar (a terrific cleanser) in the trash disposal and turn it on without reattaching the plug. This will allow the water and vinegar solution to reach all of the machine's inaccessible sections without disassembling it.

A Fine Scrubbing Powder

You can use several recognized varieties of scouring powder to maintain your trash disposal tip-top shape. Pour a half-cup of your favorite brand and some ice-cold water down the drain.

Pour another batch of cold water down the disposal and turn it on when the timer goes off. The gentle abrasiveness of the powder will clean the blades, and the antibacterial components will eliminate any remaining odors. If you don't want to use scouring powder, You can use baking soda in its place.


Unfortunately, not everything can be disposed of using a trash disposal system. They are a common cause of cutting-edge clogging, accumulation, and dulling. Any accumulation will emit an unpleasant odor. Keep the following items out of your garbage disposal:

Vegetable oils and animal fats: These can result in fatty build-ups that necessitate the services of a plumber.

How about the meat? You cannot put meat raw or cooked in garbage disposals.

You cannot put stringy food such as celeriac, onions, rhubarb, maize husks, and banana peels in your garbage disposals. If the strings become entangled in the blades, it is hazardous to the engine. The collection on the blades also produces a strong odor.

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