It is astonishing how few people research before buying a household item that is crucial to keeping your home clean and organized. Your choice of kitchen trash can size one that needs particular consideration.

Kitchen Trash Can Size-Things To Consider

Size matters when it comes to garbage cans, no doubt about it! A garbage can that is too big can take up an important room floor area and have more capacity than you need.

On the other hand, a garbage can that is too tiny may wind up overflowing and require frequent emptying.

Apply the Goldilocks principle here; your garbage can needs to be "just perfect."

It might seem like a math problem to determine the size of a garbage can that your Home requires. Your house will continue to be tidier and more organized if you choose a garbage can that is the appropriate size.

When choosing a trash can size for your kitchen and Home, there are the following things to consider.

Type of room

Since households frequently store their largest garbage can in the kitchen since that room generates the majority of waste. Because bathrooms are tiny and produce little waste, bathroom trash cans will probably be quite small. 

Other garbage containers, which can be a little bigger, are frequently put in bedrooms, garages, or offices.

Type of room

Bathroom trash cans typically weigh approximately 4 gallons, bedroom or office trash can weigh 7-10 gallons, and kitchen garbage cans tend to be 12-16 gallons. However, specific sizes will vary owing to the other criteria listed.

In the end, garbage can sizes will still differ depending on how a space is used. From person to person, this might differ. It's important to think about your room's size.

Number Of People

There is a direct correlation between population density and garbage production. Be glad to live alone because you'll probably produce less garbage!

7-gallon garbage can work just fine for you. Choose a 7 to 10-gallon trash container if there are two of you.

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A family of four would produce a lot of waste. If you want to avoid putting the garbage out too regularly, you might want to get a 12 to 16-gallon trash can. Additionally, if your household is larger, consider a larger garbage can.

Your primary waste container should generally be a garbage can that holds 20 to 30 gallons.

What amount of waste do you produce?

What amount of waste do you produce

It is never simple to separate waste! However, given the damage to our world, we must consider recycling. If you have a compost pile or your city picks up compost at the curb, you probably produce less trash than someone who dumps all the food waste in with the regular garbage.

You produce much more waste than the typical person if your trash service doesn't provide recycling pick-up.

A 7 to 10-gallon trash can be adequate for the additional garbage you produce if you recycle and compost. You should size up to 12–16 gallons if you throw food waste in with your garbage.

A 20 to 30-gallon trash can is suitable if you put food, recyclables, and trash in the same container. A Japanese company has also produced a trash can that can freeze garbage.

Which bag size do you prefer?

If you have a lot of used supermarket bags to recycle, you might use those instead of standard trash bags.

You will simply mess more if the bag is smaller than your garbage bin. In addition to producing more garbage, a 30-gallon bag with a 10-gallon trash can will make more mess.

Spend less money on trash cans that don't suit your chosen bag style or trash bags that don't fit your garbage cans. You can choose the appropriate garbage bag to go with any trash can.

The sizes of trash cans depend on the available space

Depending on the area you have, choose the size of your trash cans. Particularly if you don't have much room, you wouldn't want a big garbage can to take up all the floor area.

Since they will take up a lot of room and get in the way, large garbage cans won't fit well in a tiny kitchen. For more room, a garbage can beneath the sink will be useful.

It will, however, restrict the size of kitchen garbage cans that can fit in. Determining the location of your garbage can before you purchase it is always a smart idea.

The sizes of trash cans depend on the available space

Your garbage can has to be shorter than most under-sink cupboards, which are 30 inches tall. Otherwise, when you need to open the garbage can, there won't be any space left for the lid.

Typically, a garbage can with between 7 and 10 gallons capacity would do. Eye-catching garbage cans made of stainless steel will enhance the design of a kitchen. It's simple to squeeze 12 to 16 liters into a corner.

A huge can might be useful if you have adequate room in your kitchen. Go for it if your pantry or kitchen island can hold a 20- to a 30-gallon garbage can.

How big is a 13-gallon trash can

Have you ever wondered how big is a 13-gallon trash can? There are several sizes of trash cans for various uses. The most typical trash container is a 13-gallon model, sometimes a kitchen-size trash can.

How big is a 13-gallon trash can

There is no one size fits all method for choosing garbage cans for your house; however, keeping to the 13-16-gallon range is a good option for you and your family.

Before choosing a size, you should consider any restricted spaces, unusual drawers or cabinets, or garbage production higher than the average family.

The 13-gallon trash can is available in several different shapes and heights. You can pick the exact one that will fit a particular kitchen, whether low or high, round or rectangular. The type with the measurements 14 x 18.9 x 26.5 inches is among the most popular.

In general, a 13-gallon trash can is about 2 feet high. This means you'll have to take out the lid and reach down to get things out of it.

If you're not tall enough for this (or if your hands are full), then there's no way around it: You'll have to bend over or get someone else who can help with this chore.

If you're using a 13-gallon trash can, it's important to remember that you can't fit much more than 3 gallons of liquid waste into the bag.

This means that if your family is throwing out the contents of their kitchen refrigerator every week and filling up their kitchen trash can with ice cream pints, they'll need two bags: one for ice cream and one for all other leftover food items.


It's crucial to select the proper waste bag sizes for each bin in your house if you want to maintain it tidy.

When you're cooking or sharing a meal with your family, the wrong result in slippage spills, and leaks, all of which instantly destroy your appetite. Buy bags made especially for your garbage can if at all feasible.

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