There can be many reasons for that. But whatever the reason is, you just have to dispose of it safely and properly because when you replace your license plate, it's important to get rid of the old one. Otherwise, there are chances that someone could steal and use them illegally.

So make sure that you dispose of them so that they become unusable. This article will tell you every possible way to properly dispose of your old license plate. So let's get started.

What's A License Plate?

It is a metal plate attached to every vehicle for identification purposes. License plates are very important. You cannot drive a car without it. Some modern license plates are made of aluminum to make them recyclable. These plates can be easily melted to make different new things.

Aluminum products are always in demand, so don't worry about it. In 1903, license plates were introduced to register vehicles. In the early stages, these plates were made of steel and tin. They were not so reliable. With the passage of time and innovations, these plates got better and became the best source for identification.

Disposing Of Old License Plates

There are many ways to dispose of your old license plate. You have to be very careful with these things because they can be used illegally if stolen, which will be really dangerous for you.

Have you thought about what would happen to you if someone used your old license plate to commit a crime? The police will contact you no matter who the actual culprit is. So you have to learn the safest way to dispose of your old license plate that'll help you avoid getting in any trouble. Here are some methods to do so; you can choose the one which suits you the best.

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Remove Its Stickers

It's a great way to dispose of them. You can erase all the information on your license plate so that it's unusable. It's very tricky. You can do it yourself, or you can take help from a nearby workshop.

You can also deface the information by using a permanent marker, a sharp knife, or any sharp object to scratch. Your primary purpose is to remove the information mentioned on the license plate. You can use any object to do so. Just make it unreadable and unusable.

Bend The License Plate

Aluminum license plates can easily be bent. They are lightweight and easily recyclable. Once you bend the plate, make sure it's completely ruined. Then you can throw it in a trash bin, recycle the aluminum and make different products from it, or just sell the recycled aluminum.

Cut The Plate

Who will steal or use a broken plate? So just make sure you cut it so it cannot be attached again. You can use a hammer or sharp tin snips to cut the license plate. Once you do that, you can throw the pieces in a garbage bag or trash bin. It's better to throw the pieces separately in different bins at different times so that there's no way for anyone to rejoin them when the pieces are incomplete.


There are scrap yards in the industrial areas mostly. You can research on the internet about your nearby scrap yard. They will purchase your license plate or other metal products. But make sure you get evidence by writing. You can also take your old license plate to a scrap yard to recycle it. They'll charge you very less and will do the job for you.

It is also possible to donate your old license plate to someone who is a license plate collector. Some art studios and antique shops are great options for donating your old license plates.

Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Department Of Motor Vehicles

There's always an option for you to return it to the DMV. This is the easiest way to do so. The DMV will take your old license plate and will destroy it for you. It's not mandatory to take the plates to the DMV by yourself. You can just mail them to their address. You can visit their website and read their guidelines for more information regarding old license plates.

Upcycling The Old License Plates

You have no idea what you can do with those old license plates. You can create so many amazing things by using these for upcycling. Here are a few suggestions

  • Plate Box

You can use these boxes to put peanuts, dry eatables, or other stuff.

  • Plate Map

If you have a hobby of collecting old license plates, you can make a map of it and make your wall attractive.

  • Plate Magnets

You can make license plate magnets for your home decoration.

  • Plate Purse

It'll give a vintage look, and you can easily make it.

  • Coat Rack

You can hang your coats on it by adding some hooks.

  • Bird Feeder

It's great to make a bird feeder box.

  • Lamp

You can convert your old license plate into a cool lamp easily.

  • Bird Box

Your birds are going to love it to live in a fine license plate bird box.

  • Keychain Hanger

Just put some hooks on the license plate, and you can use them for hanging your keys.

  • Dustpan

An old license plate can easily be converted into a dustpan by adding a handle simply.

  • Pencils Cup

If you're looking for a beautiful addition to your study table, you can make a pencil cup using your old license plate.

  • Beautiful Wall Art

Your wall can be made highly attractive by doing wall art using old license plates.

  • Clipboards

These plates can be used to make clipboards that will be highly durable and attractive.

  • Mails Organizer

If you've nothing in your home to manage your mail in, you can make a mail organizer using these old license plates.

  • Sconces

Wall sconces can be made with these old license plates. You can put beautiful candles on them and hang them on your walls.

Upcycling The Old License Plates

Is It Important To Get Rid Of Old License Plates?

Yes! It is very important to do that. Every state has its policies you have to follow. Some common reasons why you should dispose of your old license plates are


It's the law that you get rid of the old one when you get a new plate; otherwise, you'll have to face the consequences.


If someone uses your old license plate to commit a crime and it's identified as yours, then you'll face some serious problems.


Recycling old things instead of throwing them away is good. You can convert this useless old plate into many useful things.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of your old license plate, you can upcycle, recycle or sell it. Upcycling is the best way to reuse your old plates by converting them into something useful for you. You must be very careful about the rules and regulations of the state you live in.

Each state has different policies you need to abide by. It's very easy to dispose of your old license plate, and many methods exist. You can choose the best one for you. We hope that this information was helpful to you.

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