You can start by replacing your couch first. The couch is one of the most used furniture items in the house, and by replacing it, you'll feel a huge change in that area of the house. Now you might be thinking about what to do with the old one. Don't worry if you don't know how to dispose of a couch; this article will help you with that. So keep reading.

Determine Your Couch's Condition

Before disposing of it, you have to understand what your couch's condition is. If it's torn and broken, you should dismantle it; if it's in neat condition, you should donate it. To determine the actual condition of the couch, follow these steps.

Check The Lifespan Of The Couch

A typical lifetime of a couch is 10-14 years. The tenure can be increased or reduced according to the usage.

Comfort Of The Couch

It is very important to check the comfort and support level of the couch. It must be replaced or repaired if it feels weird, hard, or uncomfortable. Also, check the cushions by squeezing them and checking their resistance level.

Check For Wear And Tear

If your couch is old and has stains or tears on the fabric, you might want to replace it. Check for the springs by sitting on them; if some creaking sound occurs, it's faulty and needs to be dismantled.

Hygienic Factors

It is very important to check your couch for mold, insects, mildew, and other bugs. These things can destroy your couch completely, and it's not good to use or donate. It's better if you throw such an old and unhygienic couch.

Methods To Dispose Of A Couch

There are many ways to dispose of your old couch and get rid of it. Some are

Dismantling The Couch

Dismantling The Couch

Tearing It Apart

It's better to dismantle and tear off the unusable and unrecyclable couch than to keep it or donate it. To do that, you have to follow some steps.

Remove Cushions From The Couch

Check the cushions of the couch; if they are usable, you pick them up; otherwise, cut and throw them with the frame. A sharp knife can be used to cut them off.

Check For Nails Or Other Items Inside

You don't want to injure yourself with exposed nails or sharp edges even before breaking the frame. So try to get rid of the nails first and check for other items that might be inside the couch.


You can vacuum the frame of your couch to suck any extra things or dust on the frame. Your primary purpose is to remove the waste, so you can also use a brush with a dustpan to get it done. If you don't have a vacuum or dustpan in your house, you can just wear safety gloves, remove the trash by hand, and throw it in the garbage bag.

Remove The Fabric

After removing the cushions, it'll become easy for you to remove the fabric. It is mostly stapled and can be removed with a little effort. Rip off the fabric properly so you can see the couch's frame. The extra fabric doesn't need to be removed.

Cut The Frame

You can cut the wooden frame of your couch by using a saw into small pieces. Avoid cutting the springs or other metals because it will decrease the efficiency of your saw blade. Try to cut the wood into small pieces that are easy to transport. Be very careful when using a saw.

Put The Pieces In A Garbage Bag

Now, put the pieces of your couch in trash bags and throw them in the garbage bin.

Call The Nearby Dumpster

Now, you're ready to dispose of your couch pieces. Call the nearby dumpster or local trash pick-up company to collect the trash, dump it, or dispose of it. If you don't want to pay the extra money and want to do it yourself, put the garbage bags in the back seat of your car and take them to a nearby dumpster. You can also rent a truck.

Where Does Garbage Go? Recycling Drop-Off Locations
Today the United States is responsible for more garbage output than any prior generation. In 2015 (the most recent year for which data is available), the United States produced over 262 million tonnes of municipal rubbish, a 4.5% increase over the previous year and a 7.8% increase over


Hauling To Landfill

It's a good option to throw away your old couch. You can dump it yourself, but different areas have policies for that. You should call before hauling and check whether they take the bulk furniture to dump at the landfill or not.


  • It's a low cost
  • Easy to get rid of
  • Saves your time


  • You need to rent a truck
  • It may require multiple trips to transport
  • Landfills are far away


The scrapyard dealers are more interested in the metal objects of your couch. If you want them to pick it up from your home, you'll have to pay them, but if you bring the couch yourself to them, you'll get paid for the metal objects of your couch.

Trash Pick-Up Company

It will cost you from $40-$50. There are very few companies that offer bulk pickup. But there's nothing wrong with checking. You can call the nearest one by getting their contact number from the internet. It's a good option if you cannot break or dismantle the couch on your own.

Large Junk Removal Specialist

These companies are great at their work, but it should be your last option because such companies charge a lot. You can research about the ones working in your area and compare their rates. Make sure to dispose of the couch as cheaply as possible.

Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

Dumpsters can be rented in different sizes (10-40 yards). The size depends upon the couch size. These companies provide a service for massive junk removal and won't cost you much.


  • Low cost
  • Scheduled pickup
  • Great for bulk trash removal


  • You'll have to load the item yourself
  • There are several restrictions

Giving Away The Couch


Take a picture of your couch and post it on the Craigslist website. It's a great way to give your couch away. When you label it free, you might receive messages or calls from several people. If you finalize the giving away and the person doesn't show up to pick up the couch, you should put a small price on the website. It'll work.

Put It On The Curb

If you're really desperate to get rid of the couch, just put it on your curb and label the couch as free. Do that in clean weather; you don't want to destroy the couch with rain or dust. Check for the policies of the area you're living in; you might get fined for that.

Donation is the best option if your couch is neat and clean. It will be picked up by donation houses and will charge you nothing. Just contact the donation center of your choice and schedule a pick-up. But make sure that there's nothing wrong with your couch.

Sell It On Second Hand Items Store

Second-hand items stores are available in many areas. They purchase your old furniture or items, repair them and sell them. They usually don't provide a pick-up service, but there's nothing in it to ask.

Sell It Through Social Media

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the best to sell your items. You can put some pictures of your couch and mention it as free or add a small price. Interested people will contact you, and the job will be done easily.

Recycle The Couch

Recycling centers help people to recycle their products by charging a small fee. If you want to recycle the couch, you'll have to pay them, but if you want to give it to them, then you'll get paid a little for the couch. They also provide a pick-up service usually.

Upcycle The Couch

You can do many DIY projects to convert your old couch into something useful. There are many YouTube tutorials available on the internet. You can change the fabric color or print. You can also use the frame's wood to do some craftwork.


If you are interested in buying a new couch and have eyes on one. You can ask the furniture dealer to make a trade-in. It mostly depends upon your couch's condition. You'll get a discount on the new couch by doing that.


You Don't Have To Do It By Yourself,

Yes! You don't have to do anything because there are many people and companies who can help you with that.

  • The shop where you bought it from
  • Charity houses
  • Your friends or neighbors
  • Local waste management companies
  • Rent a truck
  • Local scrap dealer etc.

Final Thoughts

You should do the dumping if your couch is highly damaged and it's not good to use or recycle anymore. On the other hand, if your couch is in neat condition, the best option is to donate it to a school, hospital, or other charity house. You can also ask a friend or relative whether they want your couch or not.

We hope that the information was helpful for you and that you got to figure out the best method to dispose of your old couch. Whatever method you're using, just make sure it's safe and environmentally friendly.

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