It's highly combustible, that's why its use, as well as its disposal, needs to be done very carefully. It's very dangerous to throw them directly in the trash bin. It's important to empty the can before disposing of it.

Also, you can recycle the empty can if you want. This article will let you know how to dispose of butane cans safely. So keep reading.

What's A Butane Can?

Butane is a hydrocarbon, that's why it's highly flammable. It is used in many products besides butane cans because of its properties. But it doesn't mean that butane cans are unsafe to use. If they are used carefully, then they prove to be very helpful, especially for the campers.

The cans containing butane are made of high-quality metal (usually silver or aluminum), which prevents the butane from exploding by controlling the pressure. Such fire-hazardous products should be used safely because they can be very harmful to you and the environment.

When it comes to disposing of it, it's important to know the most accurate and safest method.

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Why Dispose Of Butane Cans Properly?

Butane cans can cause major environmental harm, and you must understand their sensitivity. Throwing away butane cans directly in the trash bins can cause

Water Contamination

Disposing of butane cans carelessly can cause severe water contamination, automatically affecting wildlife and humans.

Forest Fires

Campers must understand that throwing away butane cans in the forests is dangerous. The trees catch fire instantly, and this small mistake of the campers can lead the forest to burn down completely. This affects the animals living in the forests as well as the plants. It can poison the soil, also.

Major Accidents

Butane cans are stored under a particular temperature, and if that temperature exceeds, it can cause the can to explode, and you'll have to face a major accident. The emptied can look dry to you, but even a small spark in the traces of the gas can create an explosion.

Bad Environmental Impact

When we dispose of butane cans without proper care, there's always an environmental impact. They release carbon dioxide and aerosols. So it's important to dispose of the cans safely.

Bad Environmental Impact

Methods To Dispose Of Butane Cans

Empty The Gas

Keep cooking something on the stove to empty the gas of the can completely. Do that until no fuel or gas is left behind.

Puncture The Can

Take a screwdriver or other sharp tool to do that. Wear safety gloves and put a hole in the can; the extra gas will be released due to puncturing; after doing that, you can throw it in the trash bin.

Waste Recycling Centers

There are recycling centers available that provide services for recycling hazardous products. You can research the nearest recycling center on the internet. But make sure that you puncture the butane can first and release the remaining gas before taking it to a recycling center. It's better if you put the emptied can in a Ziploc bag


It's a great option if you have many emptied butane cans. You can take all the cans to your nearest scrap yard and sell them to the scrap dealer. The scrap yard dealers will pay you according to the metal type and quantity of the cans.

Return Them

Some stores offer a take-back program for hazardous products like these. You can return the emptied can to the store you bought it from and ask them if they provide a recycling facility. Some stores charge a little for that. But it saves your effort and time.

Give It

If you don't need your butane can anymore and want to get rid of it, then you can simply ask your friends or relatives whether they need a butane can or not. There's nothing better than that.

There are many people out there who require such things. You can just ask around and donate the butane cans to charity centers, schools, churches, etc.

Useful Tips To Dispose Of Butane Cans

Here are some important things you should keep in mind while disposing of your butane can

Use Completely

If your can has one-third remaining butane inside, you can use it by cooking more so it can get emptied completely. It's not right to throw the half-filled butane can in a garbage bag/trash bin.

Don't Place It Under The Sun

Butane cans have compressed air and can explode due to excessive heat pressure. So don't throw or put it under the sun; it increases the chances of explosion. But if the can is emptied, then there's no issue.

Don't Try To Puncture Filled Can

If your can is near to end or emptied, then you can puncture the can to remove excess gas, but if your butane can is filled, but you're trying to empty it for disposal by puncturing it, then it will release the gas in your surrounding air, and this can be very dangerous for you. A major accident can take place due to that.


The can might look empty, but to check it, you can light a flame to check it. That'll tell you whether your butane can has enough gas or not.

Your Safety Is Your First Priority

When you're puncturing the can and using sharp tools, it's important to wear safety gloves to prevent yourself from getting harmed. Also, you should puncture the can in a safe open environment.

Recycling Is A Great Option

Instead of throwing out aluminum or silver metal cans, you can recycle them and convert them into something useful. You can take them to your nearest recycling center as well. They won't charge you much.

Final Words

To dispose of a butane can isn't difficult, but it is a sensitive task. You just have to be very careful while dealing with such hazardous products. You're doing your part to save the environment by safely getting rid of your butane cans. If you go camping and use butane cans there, don't ever leave them there.

Use them completely and dispose of them properly. We hope this article helped you find the best answer to your question. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

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