Every electronic appliance has a specific lifetime; after that particular period, it starts malfunctioning. You can either recycle it or dispose of it in a safe way. If you're one of those people who don't know how to dispose of a vacuum, then you're in the right spot.

This article will guide you on how to dispose of a vacuum cleaner without harming the environment. So let's get started.

Methods to Dispose Of Your Vacuum Easily

Vacuums typically have a life span of 8-9 years. If you maintain it with care, then it can last longer. The life period of any appliance depends upon its usage and maintenance. You cannot just throw the vacuum directly in the trash bin. You need to understand its sensitivity. Here are a few things you can do to dispose of your vacuum in a safe way.

How to Dispose of a Vacuum Cleaner? - Eco-Friendly Manner
Unfortunately, many individuals dispose of their vacuum cleaners in the garbage or recycling bin without realizing that many electrical components contain harmful materials.

For Broken Vacuum

If your vacuum is broken down, it's still illegal to throw it in the trash bin directly; you can dispose of it by

Giving It To A Recycling Center

Giving It To A Recycling Center

All the components of a vacuum cleaner can be recycled, and it's very easy. Recycling centers convert the parts of vacuum cleaners into very useful things. You have to do nothing except take it to the nearby recycling store, and everything will be guided to you by the staff.

If you have any questions regarding the recycling service, you can also check their website and get all the necessary information.

Recycling is important because

  • It can save energy resources
  • It protects the environment
  • It helps to save money
  • It gives satisfaction

Selling It To The Scrapyard

It is a recycling place that buys and sells old cars, machines, or other metal scraps. The scrapyard can buy the metallic components of your vacuum cleaner. It is usually located in industrial areas.

You will have to disassemble the vacuum yourself and separate the metallic and nonmetallic components of the vacuum. The scrapyard will buy the metallic ones, but the nonmetallic ones will be yours to recycle, reuse or sell to some other place.

Taking It To An Electronic Store

Now people have started caring about the environment, and many electronic stores offer recycling services for that purpose. You have to pay a small fee, and they will do the recycling for you. All you have to do is take your broken vacuum to the nearby electronic recycling store. There is also a pickup service available; check for it online.

Selling The Parts

When your device stops working, it doesn't mean that all of its components are out of order. They can be used or sold individually. For example, the brushes and the nozzles can be sold separately. It won't earn you much, but it's better than wasting the entire vacuum. These parts are usually bought by people who have a fine vacuum, but one of its components got broken.

Reusing The Parts

When the vacuum stops working, you can disassemble it and take out the parts which you can reuse for your DIY projects or other things. Its parts can be useful for your school projects as well. You should learn how to reuse and recycle things instead of wasting them.

Reusing The Parts

For Operational Vacuum

There comes a time when you get bored with your older vacuum and want to replace it with a new and advanced one. So what to do with the old one? Don't worry; it's easy.

Sell It

If you need money for your next vacuum, you can sell it online on Facebook or other social media platforms. People love selling on eBay, also. Just click some fine pictures of your vacuum and post them. You can set the price by doing some research. That's the most common way of disposing of an operational vacuum or other items.

If you want to give it to someone in need, there's no better way of disposing of it. You can donate it to an orphanage, school, nursing home, etc. There are also many donation centers that can help you with that. You can find one on the internet. There are also some organizations that pick up the items directly from your home for free.

Swap It

It's common for some public communities or schools to organize a swapping event. If you're not invited to any, you can arrange one by yourself with your neighborhood friends and relatives. Swap the vacuum with some other thing you need. To promote this event, you're organizing; you can use social media, which will cost you nothing.

Bulk Trash Collection Service

There are many bulk trash pickup companies. If you don't have time or conveyance to take the trash to the recycling center or shelter, then you can call one of those companies which pick up the trash in your area.

Why Does Proper Disposal Matter?

It's important to keep the environment safe because it's where we live and breathe. Throwing electronic items directly into the garbage bag or trash bin can be harmful to yourself as well as to the environment, so it's important to take care of it.

There are many reasons for disposing of vacuum cleaners properly

  • It's no longer working
  • You need to replace it with a new one
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Too big or too small etc


There are many ways to dispose of the vacuum. The most common method is reusing its parts for different purposes. But before disassembling it, it is important to disconnect it first.

If your vacuum is still under warranty, you can claim its repair or replacement. We have shared many methods to dispose of the vacuum in a safe way; just make sure you are choosing one which is environmentally friendly. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

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