Would a cup clog your trash sink and cause it to malfunction? There can be serious consequences if you will not deal with the issue at first sight. This article has almost all of the possible solutions to overcome your problem. Keep reading this post and save your garbage disposal from getting ruined with cup destruction.

Get Cup Out Of Garbage Disposal - Different Methods

Before starting any procedure, first, follow these preventive tactics:

Cut Off the Power: When dealing with such waste disposal, switch it off and remove the energy at the fuse box to guarantee that it doesn't start while you're dealing with it.

Take Care of Yourself: Working on a china cup increases your chances of injuring yourself more than dealing with a plastic cup. Wear sturdy working gloves and eyewear to secure yourself.

Conjuring With Water

Put some dish soap in the water in the sink, and then fill it up with water. Put a sink plunger over the opening to the garbage can, making sure that the plunger now forms a seal when it is in place. Put the trash in and take it out repeatedly until the cup becomes lighter and you can remove it.
Conjuring With Water

The Pliers' Usual Opening Direction

Using conventional tools might be difficult to grasp a mug or bottle in the waste dump. The cups are frequently the same size as the waste pipe, leaving a little area for pliers to hold them. You may use pliers in this situation. They will open whenever you push down just on the handles of these tools. Take the cups and jars from the trash disposal by gripping them on within a backward plier and pulling it out.

The Pliers' Usual Opening Direction

If the cups are sideways, this approach will not work. If the cup is shattered, ensure all the Glass is removed from the trash disposal before operating it. Here are some helpful tips for removing shattered Glass from trash disposal.

Tossing Up The Cup

Using syringe hooks, try pulling cup particles from the vent. Don't grab it too tightly if attempting to remove a cup with water. Ask a friend to hold a torch above the garbage disposal so they can see while picking the Glass up. Carry a flashlight if you are without help. Using the hooks, softly lift the Glass towards the disposal's edge.

Tossing Up The Cup

Use Duct Tape

There is another inventive idea. In this case, the utilizes masking tape, hand lubricant, or tissue paper to complete the task. Spray WD-40 around the sink edge first. Then, to remove the cup, apply some hand lubricant. Then, brush away any remaining WD-40 from the glasses and sink.

Once clean, take two long strips of masking tape and stick one tip to the insides of a cup, putting the other end outdoors. Drag the cups from the trash disposal using the tape ends.

Cup Stuck In Garbage Disposal - Some Alternative Methods  

Did you ever notice that some cups made of glass are the sizes of sinkholes? They may easily fall through the drain pipe and into the waste disposal, but getting them up is a nightmare. Therefore there are several discussions on the topic and many inventive treatments for this issue. It is far more complicated than you may think. Here are a few examples:

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Allen Wrench

If you can't remove the cup, you must try something else. Check for an Allen-wrench port under the sink at the bottom of the disposal. Put a wrench into the hole and spin it back to release the mashing plates and remove the particles.

If you can't locate an Allen-wrench port, try wriggling the grip of a brush or a wrench through the top of the waste disposal to remove the particles. Break any fragments of cups that are readily accessible with the tools.

Allen Wrench

Vacuum The Disposal

Discard any tiny pieces of glass cup with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Gently insert the hose end over the head of the trash disposal and operate the vacuuming until you can't detect stuff being vacuumed up any longer. If the sink is not too wet, you might use a conventional vacuum by wrapping a polyester stocking around the tip of the extended tube and securing it with an elastic band.

Seal the openings in the sink to improve traction on the dispenser. For instance, if you have a two parts sink, fill the extra hole with nylon tape to prevent air escape. Also, wrap nylon around the vacuum shaft to prevent air from escaping, increasing the strain on the glass cup fragments.

When you're through, wipe the vacuum; it will almost certainly be liquid in it; this is to prevent mold from building in there.

Restarting Disposal

  • Connecting the trash disposal to the source of power once again.
  • Covering the drainage slightly with just an old plate. It will keep anything flying up while still allowing the water to drain away.
  • Activate the chilled water tap.
  • Start the waste disposal.
  • Any little bits of remaining glassware will dice up and flush through the drains.
  • If the trash disposal continues to clog, shards are likely lodged in it. Shut it off quickly, cut off the water, and repeat the steps.

Will Broken Cup Ruin A Garbage Disposal?

It's a common myth that throwing materials like shattered Glass and peelings into garbage disposal helps hone the blades and improve the appliance's performance. It's false; you should never throw Glass or solid food debris down the garbage disposal.

Cup damages the disposal mechanism and even the pipes and may also cause harm if bits of glassware fly out while the disposal is operating. Glass is prone to get lodged in the propellers and crushing chambers of the trash disposal. It may result in other issues, such as blockages, jams, and the flywheel's inability to revolve.

Such flaws, in turn, might cause the motors to wear out. You'll have to update your waste disposal unit once the motor goes out. Due to the shattered glass cup at your disposal, you may have to pay for a replacement system to be installed. As a result, getting rid of the shattered cup as quickly as possible is preferable.


The purpose of describing these approaches is to make doing the work at hand easier and more successful for you. While cleaning the cup remnants out of the disposal, you can run into some major problems that need your attention. However, put your well-being and safety above everything else.

The last option is to get your hands dirty by working directly with the garbage disposal and freeing it up with a wrench. It would help if you never risked getting into difficulty by accidentally putting heavy particles down the garbage disposal.

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