If it is happening to you, you may have heard rattling, buzzing, or screeching from your trash disposal. Counting on what is making the noise, there are different ways to deal with it.

Before you start, it's important to remember that running the garbage disposal over and over to see if that fixes the problem is not a good idea and may make things worse.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Making A Grinding Noise? A Complete Guide

Diagnose Where The Sound Is Coming From

Something is probably getting in the way of the blades' regular rotation, causing the loud grinding noise.

The culprit is often something sharp like a glass shard, metal shard, or bone. This object, whatever it is, is undoubtedly constructed of a tough substance that the trash disposal cannot ground up and is thus blocking the blades.

If it is softer than usual, the noise may be because of a grinding element, some other part is opened, or the trash disposal is broken.

Diagnose Where The Sound Is Coming From

How To Resolve The Issue?

  1. If the machine starts making a lot of noise, you should switch it off immediately to protect it from malfunction. If anything becomes stuck in the disposal, this will prevent the edges or other components from being damaged. If you need to get anything out of the way of a machine, the first thing you should do is turn off the electricity. The safest method is to turn off the electricity to the trash disposal.
  1. Once you've ensured the disposal is off, get a torch light and look down the drain in the kitchen sink. You may attempt a few different routes to go inside to see what you want. Remove the thing by hand if it is near the drain; you can do so without putting your hands near the blades.
  2. Maybe it's too deep, and you don't want to stick your fingers. If that's the case, you'll need long and narrow tools like pliers or tongs. Using a vacuum to get rid of the debris is an option. The suction may remove whatever is trapped if it isn't too heavy.
Why is My Garbage Disposal Not Grinding? Quick Fix
The good news is that many common waste disposal concerns have easy solutions you can adopt. You may save time and money by not always requiring an expert’s services to resolve a problem.

How To Fix A Noisy Garbage Disposal?

Your kitchen's trash disposal is an excellent time-saver under the sink. When activated by a switch flip, the disposal will crush and grind any food scraps caught while you are doing the dishes.

It's a great innovation, but it's maddening when it starts to hum, stumble, or act up for no apparent reason. You might hear a noise if something is wrong with your garbage disposal. The noise can be buzzing or whirring. Here are the reasons and fixes:

Jammed Impellers

If your trash disposal makes a loud buzzing or whirring noise, something is likely lodged between the impellers and the shredding ring. The hum indicates that the disposal's motor is still getting power, but the impellers are not rotating, which is problematic.

Your garbage disposal will not completely work until it contains a shredder ring and impellers that work together to shatter any filth that has found its way into the unit.

Fixing The Issue

Remember to switch off and disconnect the disposal to resolve the buzzing issues. The drain stopper is located beneath the sink. To remove anything from the trash disposal, you need to wait until the impellers have stopped spinning, then use a light to locate the offending item.

Always use a gloved hand to remove foreign objects from your food, whether it's a bone, a teaspoon, or a knife.

Malfunctioning Flywheel

After removing everything, plugging in the garbage disposal, and eliminating the sound, you have successfully resolved the issue. If that isn't the case, it might be because the disposal's flywheel is broken.

The disposal uses a flat, a disk-shaped device called a "flywheel" to rotate the impellers, aiding in the shredding process. You may need to resort to more hands-on methods to resolve this issue.

Fixing The Issue

Look for a hexagonal opening at the base of the disposal. Put the included hex wrench into the opening on the disposal. You should feel the impediment loosen as you move the flywheel in rotation with the wrench.

The Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Is Making A Loud Noise

The Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Is Making A Loud Noise
  1. First, use the wrench to fit into the opening at the base of the trash disposal. The hole is right in the middle of the trash disposal's base on the floor. Turn the wrench the way a crank works. Move the wrench in both directions.
  1. It's OK to use force to crank the wrench if necessary. The trash disposal is protected with a special wrench meant to bend before it causes harm. Keep turning the wrench. Work on the wrench until you can turn it full circle without resisting.
  2. Examine the overload safety mechanism. The overload protection is on the side of the trash disposal that faces the floor under the sink. It's a little red button with a square shape. The red button will fall approximately 5mm when the overload protector trips. The red button has to be gently pressed. You should try again in five minutes if it falls over.
  3. Use a pair of tongs or pliers to retrieve any foreign objects from the waste disposal. Start the waste disposal by turning on the water supply. It is safe to start the waste disposal at this point. If the jam persists, turn the wrench similarly. You have to do this many times.

The Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Is Making A Grinding Noise

The Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Is Making A Grinding Noise

Make Sure to Call a Professional if Your Disposal Is Making a Roaring or Grinding Noise

Something is probably getting caught in the disposal blades, making them grind or clang as they turn. Forks, knives, and spoons are common culprits in this scenario. To save your garbage disposal from becoming ruined, you should turn it off immediately. If you want the disposal to work, you'll need to remove the blockage. However, you can try the tricks mentioned above in the post to resolve the issue if possible.

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Sound Weird

Rattling Sound

A noisy disposal indicates that the impellers are rattling around a foreign item. If you do not discover anything, the impellers of your trash compactor may have been dislodged.

The impellers may get dislodged from their steel fasteners. First, you may attempt fixing the wobbly blades by using a nut driver to tighten the two nuts on the top of the disposal that holds the impellers in place.

Squealing Sound

If your disposal makes a screeching noise, there is a more serious issue. If you hear a screaming noise from your garbage disposal, you should immediately turn it off and disconnect it. It might be due to a dying motor.

To fix this problem, you should consider getting a new trash disposal.


Garbage disposal is a useful innovation for kitchen sinks. But you should take extra measures to resolve it when it stops working or makes some weird noises, as discussed in the article.

We have provided you with the best possible solutions to fix the disposal.

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