If you want to establish a compost bin, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to transform your plastic garbage can into a compost bin. The article explains using a plastic garbage can to make your compost bin.

It makes sense even if you investigate the price of a small compost container from traditional stores and garden centers. Continue reading for information on making your own compost and transforming a plastic trash can into a compost bin.

Performing Composting At The Right Time

Composting can be performed whenever the air temperature is above freezing. In cold areas, some folks opt to install their compost bin in a heated utility space, such as a basement or attached garage.

During the winter, organic waste may still be deposited in an outdoor compost bin. However, material breakdown will not resume until winter weather heats up again.

Performing Composting At The Right Time

Learn To Convert A Storage Bin Into A Compost Bin

My first step in preparing you for this epic adventure was to explain what would be required of you. To summarize, they are as follows:

Required Equipment/Tools

  1. Utilize a precise drill bit.
  2. Two Plastic containers made of plastic (18 gallons or larger).
  3. A sealable cover that fits one of the containers.
  4. The garbage from the yard,
  5. Newspaper shreds
  6. Biodegradable materials, such as food leftovers.
  7. Wire cloth or hardware cloth

Steps To Follow

The guide is both fascinating and practical, allowing you to more quickly and easily reach your goal.Since I have previously covered everything you'll need, we'll go right into explaining how to construct a bin out of a plastic container in your own home:

Select Plastic Container

You may already have a few plastic storage containers at home that you can turn into compost bins since they are readily available. One of the containers must have a lid, and they cannot be less than 18 gallons.

The second container is essential for containing any liquid that may seep from the first. This nutrient-rich liquid, often known as "compost tea," may be used as a plant fertilizer.

Set Up The Bins

Your compost needs airflow to degrade more quickly. To do this, drill holes throughout the containers, allowing 1 to 2 inches between each hole. In addition, holes must be bored into the top bin so that it may nest inside the lower bin. The size of the employed drill bit is up to you.

Depending on the size of the holes, you may need to line the inside of the bin with wire mesh or hardware cloth to keep rats out.

Set Up The Bins

Place The Garbage Can

Select a location for your compost bin after drilling the air holes there. It should fit on the majority of patios, porches, and balconies because of its tiny size. Place the container at the entryway closest to the kitchen to make composting kitchen waste easy.

If you have a vegetable garden, you might also put it there to get rid of weeds and trimmings. You may keep the composter in a garage or storage shed if you'd rather not see it.

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Fill The Garbage Container

Anything you normally toss into a compost pile may be accepted by your container composter. Such as Grass clippings, leaves, Peels and shredded papers.

Any material you add to your composter should be coarsely chopped to break down more quickly. Fruit and vegetable scraps may be diced with a knife or blended or processed in a food processor or blender.

In addition, you may shred leaves by continuously running a lawnmower over them and then transferring them to the compost bin using the bag attachment.

Fill The Garbage Container

Clean The Garbage Can

Shake the garbage container daily or so to aerate its contents. Add extra sawdust, shredded newspaper, or chopped fall leaves to the bin's contents if they are still smelly or wet. It will aid in drying the contents and balancing the proportion of greens to browns, accelerating the composting process.

Utilize a spray bottle to re-moisten very dry contents. Include a variety of hydrating foods, such as ripe fruits and vegetables that are still edible.

Compost Is Gathered And Used.

Around three months later, the compost should be helpful too. Using a basic compost sifter to extract completed compost from your bin is the most efficient technique. You may create an improvised sifter from a piece of 1/4-inch-grid wire hardware cloth or purchase professional sifters.

Large pieces that still need decomposition may be discarded in the garbage again. The finished compost, black and crumbly, may be used directly in the garden or stored in another container for later use.

Compost Bins Are Made From Plastic Dustbins. Is It Worth The Effort?

Yes, a plastic compost container is a terrible waste of money for several significant reasons. Your plastic trash cans would wind up in landfills, take up more room in your house, and pose a safety danger if you didn't regularly clean them.

However, if you have just painted or whitewashed your house, you may already have many of these piles. Consider using these piles or your plastic garbage cans to make composting possible at home rather than searching for more complicated options.

Consider relocating the compost bin to a utility room if you live in a freezing area and want to continue composting over the winter. Otherwise, the compost might freeze, halting decomposition momentarily.

Final Thoughts

If you've read this far, you probably know how to convert a trash can made of plastic into a composter. Having the right supplies, tools, and equipment makes finishing projects a pleasure.

In any case, if you do run into problems, don't hesitate just try to work through them. You have learned that a plastic trash can can be quickly and easily converted into a compost bin. The entire experience will be enjoyable once you begin going.

If you'd rather not deal with the hassle of building your own compost bin, you can always buy one of the many commercially available, high-quality options.

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