If you keep it with great care, it can last more than ten years. A treadmill provides a great facility to people who love to work out without going out.

Make sure to use it frequently; otherwise, it will not work efficiently but overusing it will reduce its lifespan, and you will need a new one. This article is for you if you want to know how to dispose of treadmill more safely. Keep reading.

Methods To Dispose Of A Treadmill

Such huge exercising equipment takes up a lot of space in the house, so it's important to get rid of the old one first if you want to buy a new one. You should know that throwing off the treadmill isn't the right way to dispose of it. Even if it has cracks or is broken, you need to repair it, recycle it, or get rid of it safely.

Take-Back Program

Some stores offer a take-back program to their customers. This program allows you to get a new treadmill by giving your old treadmill to them and getting a discount according to its condition. Many companies don't offer this program so ask them about it by calling them before taking the treadmill there.


A functional treadmill can be donated to a gym. It's a great option if you don't need the money and want to get rid of it for some reason.

Selling It

If you want to upgrade your treadmill, you can sell the old one by putting an ad on social media platforms. To ascertain the price, you can research it on the internet. The price depends upon the model and the condition of your treadmill. Ask the buyer to pick it up from your home so you save the delivery expense.


Treadmills are made of components like plastic, rubber, metal, etc. The metallic components can be taken and sold to the scrap yard.

Give it/Gift it

If your friends or relatives need a treadmill and can't afford it, you can give it to them. There's nothing better than helping others and giving a useful thing to someone deserving.

How To Dispose Of Lighters? - Eco-Friendly Environment
Lighters can’t be recycled, but it’s easy to dispose of them; before doing that, you must ensure the flame is extinguished. Just put it in the water and soak it for a few minutes. It’s better to dispose of the lighter parts separately.

Waste Disposal Service

The waste disposal service is offered in many areas. You can call them and ask them about their policies, pick-up schedules, etc. If this service isn't available in your area, you can research the nearest one online and schedule a trash pickup by paying them. It won't cost you much.


You can place it out on the curbside and label it as free. Interested people will contact you. But before doing that, learn more about your area's rules and policies. Some states don't allow it, so you must be careful.

Recycling Centers

Be a responsible citizen and never throw out the treadmill outside with trash. It's huge, and some areas don't allow it, so you'll get fined. It's better to take it to the nearest recycling center and ask them to do the job for you. You'll be charged for that nominally, but it's worth it.

Hazardous Wastes Centers

Disposing of a treadmill isn't easy and can be dangerous if handled carelessly. The hazardous waste centers help you to get rid of such stuff by paying a nominal fee. This will save you time and effort.


Just put the picture of your old treadmill on the Craigslist website and mark it as free. Some people might take it as a joke after seeing "free," so if you don't get any serious response, you can put some price on it.

Garage Sale

Some communities do a garage sale event where everyone brings their functional garage items to sell. You can arrange a garage sale of your own and promote it through social media.


You can recycle and reuse the components of the treadmill separately.



It is also known as the running belt. These belts are used to let the person run on the treadmill. There are many lubricants used to increase or maintain its performance and functionality. You can use the belt of your nonfunctional treadmill in different ways. Cut the belt with a sharp tool such as a knife. You can use it as a mat for your bathroom, pets, or driveways.


Metal is the most important component of the treadmill. It provides the treadmill with firmness and sturdiness. The motor used in the treadmill is also made of high-quality metal. You can sell the metal parts to a scrap dealer or online.

Hard running board

It is also known as the running board of the treadmill. Due to its hardness, it can be used for several purposes. You can use it as a rigid sheet on tables, desks, Chesters, etc. It's very easy to upcycle this hardboard. You can also watch some YouTube tutorials for that.

Electronic Components

A treadmill consists of many electrical components, such as wires. These wires are used for the proper functioning of the treadmill. You can remove these wires by disassembling your treadmill carefully. These wires are usually placed under the main screen of the treadmill. If you damage a wire while disassembling it, it will be useless. So do that carefully.


The plastic is usually used around the treadmill's handles to ensure a safe grip. This plastic is of high quality. You can take it to the nearest plastic recycling center and ask about its recycling from them. You can also ask your social circle if anyone with a treadmill needs its plastic. You can give it to them.


Treadmills are very heavy, and it's not easy to move or disassemble them. If you're doing it the first time, then you'll definitely need a helping hand. If you want to save the effort, you can just take it to the recycling center.

Throwing away the treadmill parts in the garbage bag isn't the best thing to do; you can sell the parts to a scrap dealer instead. We hope this information helped you figure out the best way to dispose of your treadmill.

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