Smoke from your kitchen might be unsettling, especially if your smoke alarms start to sound. However, seeing smoke coming from your waste disposal might be somewhat unexpected.

Garbage disposal smell like burning

If your garbage disposal smells burning, you must first look inside the cabinet containing the waste disposal machine if you can't see where the smoke is coming from. Most likely, the wall socket the trash disposal connects to is the issue rather than the disposal itself.

Usually, when we attempt to fix the garbage disposal, we discover that the circuit breaker is the real issue. Before checking for issues with the disposal unit, ensure the circuit breaker is functioning correctly.

First, ensure that the garbage disposal receives adequate electricity from the wall circuit breaker. To check this, you must disconnect the garbage disposal and try using at least two other kitchen appliances. Any device, from a toaster to a blender, may be plugged into the same ports to test its functionality.

Finding that the circuit breaker was the source of the issue is not uncommon. This is often verified if the other appliances start to malfunction as well. You might attempt resetting the circuit if it was tripped, which would typically get the waste disposal system working again.

How To Make Garbage Disposal Smell Better? Proven Tips
Trash disposal is a terrific time saver and a must-have kitchen gadget. You may clean many pots, dishes, and cutlery quickly. Furthermore, you won’t have to avoid putting food in your garbage baskets or dust bins due to the possibility of attracting bugs.

Overheated garbage disposal

A garbage disposal might get overheated.

The trash disposal probably shuts off due to overheating if you've been using it without any problems, and then suddenly, it stops operating; you don't even hear it buzzing.

Even the garbage disposal itself could feel warm to the touch. Overheated garbage disposal could also be a cause of the smoke.

Reasons why garbage disposal overheat

Excessive use

The easiest solution is to turn the light back on. After waiting a while, If it doesn't work, locate the red "RESET" button on the disposal by opening the cupboard underneath the sink. Go to the breaker panel, look for a switch marked "KITCHEN," and see whether the circuit breaker tripped as a third possibility. If it did, move it to the middle position, which is neutral, and then turn it back on.

Choked motor:

You will hear a buzzing noise from the sink if something is stuck in the garbage disposal. Open the cupboard behind the sink, then unplug the garbage disposal before attempting to move anything.

After that, search the drain with a flashlight for anything that could be lodged there. Use tongs to remove whatever you can. Reconnect the disposal's plug after removing the object.

Forcing objects into the drain:

Allow your waste disposal to rest for a while. Wait 10 or 15 minutes before attempting to reset the device again if the red "RESET" button is ineffective. If the disposal begins operating again, open the faucet and run a few seconds of cold water down the drain.

How do you cool down the overheated garbage disposal?

The following actions you may take right away if your garbage disposal is heating up are:

  • First, immediately turn off the garbage disposal and unplug it from the power source. By doing this, you'll stop the appliance from getting any hotter.
  • After that, run cold water through the garbage disposal to cool it off and help flush out any debris.
  • Lastly, give the garbage disposal at least 30 minutes to cool down

How to prevent the garbage disposal from overheating?

How to prevent the garbage disposal from overheating

You may avoid your garbage disposal heating up by following some of these steps. First of all, never fill it up too quickly with food waste.

Secondly, never put hard objects—like shells or bones—into the machine. Last but not least, when operating the appliance, run cool water through it to keep the temperature down and properly drain away all food waste.

Does garbage disposal have a fire risk?

Unlikely though it may be, a garbage disposal may catch fire.

For instance, the motor or its capacitor may burn due to excessive overheating or a serious electrical failure. However, many trash disposals naturally incorporate fuses and other safety precautions to lessen the likelihood of it happening.

Garbage disposal smoking prevention

arbage disposal smoking prevention

If your trash disposal displays any of these problems, be sure you correct it before using it to minimize the risk of smoking:

  • When you switch on your trash disposal, and it is silent, there may be a few distinct issues. It's possible that the disposal plug is loose or that the reset button has come loose. It could be necessary to replace the electrical switch for disposal. It may be necessary to reset the circuit breaker for the garbage disposal or the motor if it has been overloaded. The motor can be completely dead. You should contact your neighborhood electrician if the problem is electrical.
  • When trash disposal operates effectively, food scraps are immediately broken up, and liquids are promptly drained. If you find food and water backing up into the sink, it may indicate that the pipes are clogged or that the sink's blades are dull.
  • Food particles will build up in your garbage disposal over time and release strong, unpleasant odors. These smells only suggest that your disposal needs to be thoroughly cleaned, not that anything is wrong with it. To eliminate odors within the disposal, mix vinegar and baking soda. If they keep coming, you might have to disassemble the disposal.
  • A garbage disposal that emits strange noises has a problem. Metal grinding is the most frequent sound. This grinding sound is caused by anything trapped in the disposal's blades, a lost component, or a missing component that has been misplaced.
  • You should contact your neighborhood plumber for help if you detect any of the issues mentioned earlier with your trash disposal.


It's fantastic to have garbage disposal since according to estimates, the world would produce 2.24 billion tonnes of solid waste in 2020, or 0.79 kg of rubbish per person every day. Without fear of clogging your sink, you may sweep leftover food from the plate and down the drain. 

Garbage disposals have several parts, which makes it simple for something to go wrong. Your garbage disposal may become inoperable due to a few typical issues.

These typical disposal issues cause inconvenience and may result in costly pipe damage.

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