You're wondering whether you have blocked garbage disposal or if you have a plumbing situation that has to be solved. So, what should you do now? Don't freak out if your kitchen sink isn't draining.

Can you put drain cleaner in a garbage disposal? Not all drain cleaners are suitable for use with your garbage disposal. Fortunately, you may be able to clean the blockage without using chemicals.

Why You Shouldn't Use A Drain Cleaner To Fix The Issue

Commercials for drain cleaners claim that the products will break apart anything obstructing your drains, enabling your pipes to flow easily. Their statement is only partially correct.

Yes, drain cleaning will disassemble any food or material that is obstructing your drains. However, it may also do substantial damage to your pipes.

Many customers search for easy, low-cost, and quick solutions to their plumbing drain concerns. Yet this does not ensure the best possible outcome or product. In truth, the cheaper and simpler option is usually one to avoid. The liquid cleaner is helping clear up the trash disposal, but in reality, it's doing more damage than good. Keep reading to learn about the potential dangers of using liquid drain cleaners with trash removal and an alternative, more permanent solution to these problems.

While draining you should keep in mind that Sink Only Drains When Garbage Disposal Is On.

How To Neutralize Sulfuric Acid Drain Cleaner -A DIY At Home
A drain cleaner containing sulfuric acid is an excellent instrument for clearing a blocked drain. However, it is also quite hazardous.

Harmful Chemicals

The plastic and metal parts of trash disposal quickly deteriorate when exposed to harsh chemicals in liquid drain cleaning. The cleaner ultimately causes more problems than it solves.

Harmful Chemicals

Damage To Your Pipes

Drain cleaners are made with strong chemicals that harm your pipes' inner lining. The pipes may shatter if there is enough damage. If left unchecked, Its breakdown may begin as a gradual leak and progress to a major hole.

Damage To Your Pipes

Cause Unwanted Garbage Disposal Heat

It may surprise you, but when a liquid drain cleaner comes into contact with water, the temperature of the cleaner increases dramatically. The cleaner's chemicals react with the water, causing the temperature to rise. It is not a good idea to pour drain cleaner down the garbage removal. When the lye and aluminum in the drain cleaner react with water, the temperature rises near boiling.

Don't Add To Your Pipe Damage

Garbage disposal issues are not restricted to clogs. However, a clog is most likely to blame for trash removal that empties slowly. A drain cleaning is not always the best solution, however. You can do a few things to properly unclog your drain if your trash removal is draining slowly and you suspect a blockage is to blame.

What Should You Do Instead Of Using A Drain Cleaner? - Natural Treatments

When you have blocked garbage removal or kitchen pipes, the good news is that there are far safer alternatives to drain cleaning. Here are a few ideas for you to try.


Plunging the sink is the first thing to attempt. It might be effective for minor stuck things that need an additional push to flow through the pipes. It can also assist in unclogging the garbage removal if that is the problem. To begin, you will use either a moist cloth or a sink plunger. Do not use A toilet plunger on a sink. It is unclean, and plungers designed for toilets will not operate well on sinks. Ensure the rag or plunger is tightly put over the entrance to the kitchen pipes. Fill the sink with water to aid boost suction. Plunge hard for a few minutes.


Making Use Of Boiling Water

The sink may have grease buildup if plunging it does not clear the clog. Do not flush with cold water; use boiling water instead. In certain cases, the grease may simply be melted and flushed away. Pour down the second pot of boiling water drain regardless of whether or not the clog has been removed. Then, turn on the hot water and let it run for a couple of minutes. You should do this because if you don't, the grease will solidify in the pipes and create a new clog.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an important and helpful ingredient that should not be overlooked, especially when wondering what drain cleaner is suitable for a garbage removal. Put a measure equal to 14 of a cup into the disposal, and your disposal will be odor-free in a couple of hours.

Mixture Of Dish Soap

Dish soap and hot water is other options for sanitizing your waste disposal. If you've noticed an unpleasant odor coming from your unit, this may help. You should fill the sink halfway with boiling water. Before you take the stopper out of the sink, please turn on the transmission and let the sink's water drain into the unit.

Ice Cubes

If you're wondering what drain cleaner is suitable for garbage disposal and don't want to spend any money, ice cubes are your best bet. With the assistance of ice cubes, you can easily evacuate solid odors from your garbage removal and filth accumulating on the inside. Furthermore, it sharpens the disposal's blades. So, suppose you're wondering what drain cleaning is suitable for natural garbage removal and want a 'zero cost, little effort' technique.

Ice Cubes

Use These Tips To Avoid Future Clogs

The greatest thing you can do to avoid future clogs is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. One of the essential things you can do is read the instructions that come with your garbage disposal.

  • It's also critical not to pour grease down the drain. When heated, grease is a liquid that hardens as it cools. Its thick grease might block your kitchen pipes by adhering to the sidewalls.
  • What if grease is accidentally thrown down the drain? Run your faucet on the hottest setting right away for the greatest chance of preventing grease fluids from clogging your pipe system.
  • Installing a drain catcher in your kitchen sink is another option. It will collect hair and prevent anything that shouldn't be going down the drain from doing so. Drain catchers should be installed in all of your sinks and showers.
Use These Tips To Avoid Future Clogs

Some Closing Remarks

Going for a drain opener is almost automatic when you have a blockage. However, if you have a garbage disposal on the same line, you should think again. While you can use certain drain openers securely with the garbage disposal, the ones you have may not be. To get sure, check the label.

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